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Most people may feel the stress of relocating or moving their home to a new location. Relocating means that you perform a number of activities within a couple of weeks and interrupt your family’s daily routine. All of these things, such as packing, looking for the removalists, cancelling the facilities, add up to tension.

Planning the stuff and doing it in a particular order, however, will make every step easy and convenient. If you prepare and execute everything in order, there is nothing to think about relocating. This post offers a few simple tips on how to schedule a move and move easily to your new house.

Plan Plan Plan 

As we know, there are several tasks to do during a transfer in less time. So it becomes important to schedule everything ahead of time before starting things. Making a list of all that needs to be done is better before you start taking the first step. Create a list of all the things that keep you focused, and you’ll never miss anything important.

Find the right removalist

Hiring a removalist is the most important step in the moving process. Reputed and experienced furniture shipping companies can reduce most of the stress in the process and make your move simpler than ever. All you need to do is search for the right removalist that is licensed and insured. If you live in Brisbane and Queensland, you can consider hiring removals South Stradbroke Island to pack and move all your stuff.

Move on working days

Most people move in the holidays or on weekends because packers and movers are paying a high price. Yeah, removalist companies usually charge higher during vacation time and weekends as the demand in these days is strong. Unless you need to travel on weekends or holidays, you can try moving in the summer to get the moving services at affordable prices.

Start Packing early

You may not think it matters how early you start packing as long as all is ready to go by moving day, and to the degree that is valid. Packing up early, however, will give you plenty of time to go through your belongings. It also gives you the ability to clear needless things you don’t need or never use. Getting rid of things early means you’ll need to carry less stuff later. Invest the time before the extremely traumatic moving-out cycle begins to take up all your time and thoughts.

Sell or Donate items you don’t need

Moving is a great opportunity to organize your possessions and rid yourself of things you no longer need. Throw a yard sale, if the time of year allows. Instead, take the time to find out and donate less worn clothes to Goodwill, place furniture on websites such as, recycle old magazines and catalogues, and shred old documents.

Cancel or transfer local services

Make sure you understand how a previous owner can pass utility bills (electricity, gas, water) over to you. Even, if possible plan to have your television, cable, and internet connection cancelled or transferred to the new location. Applying for cancellation of these services at the right time will help prevent you from paying any extra charges.

Use the food in your fridge

Throwing away the products in your fridge, or kitchen can be real pain for families. Moreover, it’s mostly pointless not to use them, and just throw them out. Find a happy balance by making it a priority to eat as much of the food you have in your house as you can before the day of moving arrives. Turn it into a game, and get recipes imaginative to see how much you can use. Do good by contributing unopened/unexpired food to a local food bank, at the same time.

Keep track of your packing

Where more than one person is helping to pack the stuff, you should stay organized by setting up a system. Have paper sheets prepared so that every area or space may be tackled by one person? Each packer is fitted with black marker and packaging materials such as newspaper, packing tape dispenser and boxes.

Label the boxes

Label the box on all sides except the top of the boxes. Whoever carries in your boxes may not guarantee that all labels face one direction for fast recovery. Try to label each side in a marker, so you can find easily what you need in a stack. Labelling the boxes help you to unpack the ones with items that you need early after arrival at your new location. Moreover, if you need any item before the moving day, you can open the right box without wasting time.

Hire a pet sitter for a few days

If you have a pet that might be traumatized by a transfer, plan for them to rest somewhere during the day of travel. If you are hiring movers for a long-distance relocation, make sure to arrange the safe transport of your pet to your new home.

Pack a bag with essentials

Pack a small bag with things to which you will need access during your transfer and immediately after you arrive at your new place. Your vital moving bag may include medications, basic toiletries, chargers, a few clothes, nightwear, important documents, etc. The goal is to make it easy to access these items when you need them, instead of running around.

Be prepared before the moving day

Last-minute packing or other tasks will make your whole day sluggish. Make it a priority to get ready before your movers come, or pick up the rental truck. This way, you can focus on carrying out the task at hand right away.

Final Words

These are some easy tips to make your moving process easy and smooth. Planning everything in order and hiring the right removalist are the most important steps in the entire process. Moreover, you should keep track of all the essential tasks, and take care of your family while you prepare and pack the stuff for the moving day.

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