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Whatsapp is the most downloaded chatting app. It is the most used chatting or social app, and it is also one of the most downloaded apps. It has one of the largest userbases in the world. And it is free, which means more and more people are tempted to use it. It also offers immense opportunities of spreading one’s business and serve one’s potential and old customers. A WhatsApp chatbot number is considered more accessible by people than other ways of reaching customer service such as by email or by phone. A WhatsApp chatbot can automate the communication process involved in the use of this app and can save one much by way of money one may have to spend on resourced needs to cater to one’s customers.

There are several advantages of using WhatsApp chatbots. It is one of the easiest ways of increasing the efficiency of one’s operations and saving money.

Advantages of using WhatsApp chatbots

The following are some of the amazing advantages of using WhatsApp chatbots:

1.   They can serve a large user base.

Since it was the first chatting app of its kind and since it continues to be free, WhatsApp has been one of the most used apps in the world. The majority of smartphone users will have it installed on their phones. Thus WhatsApp chatbots will give one a chance to serve a larger group of potential customers than any other comparative technological tool. If one wants to reach one’s customers, one must do so on a service that the customer may already have, and WhatsApp increases the chances of doing that.

2.   They can serve customers 24*7.

Another major advantage of using WhatsApp chatbots is that it can help one serve one’s customers all the time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only chatbots won’t go off work on weekends or at night, but they will be able to serve the needs of customers in real-time. Often customers make inquiries in the evening or late at night, and keeping a 24-hour customer service may be far more costly.

3.   They can help one reply instantly.

Using WhatsApp chatbots on one’s phone number can help one in replying instantly to any queries the customer might have. Time is of the essence in the modern world, where the competition may be only a couple of clicks away. Thus their ability to reply instantly is the most important advantage of WhatsApp chatbots. This saves one’s customers time, and they come out feeling better.

4.   They can help one accept orders instantly.

The customers of a business that is using WhatsApp chatbots no longer have to wait in line to place their orders. Their orders are taken instantly with a sweet note of thanks.

5.   They are an excellent way of sending reminders, updates, and alerts.

Whatsapp chatbots can automate the process by which one sends reminders, updates, and alerts to one’s customers, and it is done in an app that is used by most users with a smartphone. There may be no better way to update one’s customers about the delivery time of the product order or any delay in the same. Similarly, if tickets got canceled, a WhatsApp chatbot can quickly inform the audience about the same.

6.   They are a great tool to receive customer feedback.

Feedback is the steppingstone of improvement. Customer feedback is increasingly the most valued aspect of communication that goes between a business and a customer. A WhatsApp chatbot can ease the way one receives customer feedback and automate it.

7.   They are a great way of saving money.

The biggest advantage of using a WhatsApp chatbot is how big a money saver they can be. Imagine the amount of money and time that would be wasted only in training a workforce that could serve a customer base that a WhatsApp chatbot could do. And even then, human beings are liable to make mistakes.

8.   They enhance the experience of one’s customers.

By serving the customers in real-time and by being able to answer their queries and saving customers’ time, they enhance the experience of customers and make them feel more satisfied.

9.   They are less susceptible to mistakes.

Since there are few people in the related operations, there are fewer errors when WhatsApp chatbots are being used.

10.   They are not susceptible to moods and whims.

Customers expect a cheerful disposition. However, one’s employees may not always be able to impersonate that. A WhatsApp chatbot, on the other hand, is only an AI that is not susceptible to things like moods and whims.

11.   They are a great way of obtaining and processing information.

By using WhatsApp chatbots, one can easily obtain a lot of data relating to the customer’s satisfaction and can further analyze it to obtain further useful information.

12.  They help one focus on other concerns.

Since WhatsApp chatbot is handling most of the front-end problems for one, one can now focus on more important and pressing concerns.

13.   They are inexpensive.

When compared to the immense benefits they offer, WhatsApp chatbots are very inexpensive to create and develop.

14.    They streamline the process of sales.

Whatsapp chatbots are an effective tool that can streamline the process of sales by quickly solving doubts the customers may have and receiving the orders quickly.

15.    It humanizes the process.

The use of AI might make it seem that it will take away the human touch, but it is far more human in feel when compared to, say, FAQs, one may otherwise have to direct to one’s customers otherwise.


One can thus conclude that a WhatsApp chatbot is easily one of the best marketing tools out there. Using it in one’s WhatsApp business API will help make a business more efficient. Moreover, it is almost entirely risk-free as it’s free, and there is no expectation of adding making it a paid app. Its end-to-end encryption also makes it a secure app for receiving data from one’s customers. They are easy to create, and one can take the services of firms that provide specialized services in this regard.

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