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Blockchain15 Blockchain-as-a-Service Companies Making the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) More Accessible

Commonly referred to as blockchain technology, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has revolutionized the way corporations, institutions and governments work. Finance, art, precious assets such as diamonds, and supply chains of various commodities have been among the first industries to embrace blockchain technology. Now Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) companies help businesses get more from blockchain than they ever imagined.

Resolving complex cost, efficiency and transparency issues, BaaS is a rising star in the business world. BaaS facilitates personalized flexibility that lets businesses tailor integrations that address pain points. These third-party companies install and maintain blockchain networks for a company’s technologies. They help businesses create and host smart contracts and blockchain apps, while cloud-based service providers manage and administer the entire blockchain ecosystem. Logistics, fintech and software companies have been the first industries to embrace BaaS. Tech giants Oracle, Microsoft and IBM are heavily involved with it. 

15 Blockchain-as-a-Service Companies Making the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) More Accessible

Here are 15 BaaS companies that do their magic on everyday tech:

Innominds (San Jose, CA) –

This company’s BaaS creates products for cryptocurrencies and smart contracts that enable businesses to maintain interledgers, develop crypto solutions and build and test blockchain products.

Kaleido (Raleigh, NC) –

This company’s BaaS platform helps businesses create and run blockchain networks in the cloud.

Clovyer (New York, NY)

This company accommodates many blockchain applications, an ecosystem that lets teams quickly create products.

Cryptowerk (San Mateo, CA)

Businesses use this company’s BaaS to make ledger-based tools that make the chain of custody tamper proof. 

BlockApps (New York, NY)

Enterprise customers use this BaaS to create permission-based, security-focused solutions that run either on the cloud or locally.

Appinventiv (New York, NY)

This popular company’s full suite of blockchain-based tools suits nearly every industry.

Altoros (Sunnyvale, CA)

This company’s BaaS automates workflow, manages records and fortifies identity security. Manufacturing, supply chain, energy, finance, telecommunications and other industries have used Altoros’s BaaS.

VironIT (San Francisco, CA)

Businesses use this provider’s multiple BaaS services to develop items such as a consulting and blockchain-based mobile app.

LeewayHertz (San Francisco, CA)

Businesses enjoy this provider’s end-to-end blockchain-based offerings.

Skuchain (Mountain View, CA)

This platform puts blockchain-based infrastructure into existing IT processes that are in the logistics and shipping industry.

tZERO (Midvaale, UT)

Companies in the financial industry integrate tZERO’s BaaS ledger into their platforms so the companies can trace real-time movements on things such as cryptocurrency.

Blockstream (Mountain View, CA)

This company has Bitcoin processing software that lets companies create peer-to-peer financial systems large enough to eliminate the need for third parties.

Symbiont (New York, NY)

Banks and fintech companies use this company’s blockchain to verify where records come from. It also transparently records all payments. Crowdfunding and private equity firms also use Symbiont.

Bloq (Chicago, IL)

This company’s BaaS suite of tools deal with business reconciliation, security and authentication issues. You’ll find a smart contract platform, a smart wallet and a decentralized cloud among this provider’s specific blockchain products. They aid in the storage and management of data.

Dragonchain (Seattle, WA)

Serverless cloud architecture allows data such as finances to be safely shared between blockchains.

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