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15 Tips for Burley, Idaho Mobile Home Movers

Several factors must be taken into consideration when moving mobile homes. The person who wishes to have their mobile home moved in the Burley, Idaho area, must go to a Burley, Idaho mobile home movers’ company and see the details for moving their home. Undoubtedly, it is a big step in moving a home to a new location. Fortunately, we have 15 tips to offer that will raise the questions that need to be addressed when discussing what moving a mobile home entails. Knowing everything and all the information in advance is primary and critical because there is only one shot at getting this done and keeping the mobile home livable after it reaches its final destination.

Know How the Mobile Home Will Be Moved

It would be best to have all your ducks in a row with the proper paperwork required, and the mobile home movers have their business forms and paperwork ready. The mobile home owner will need to know from point A to point B where the mobile home is and where it is to be moved. All property taxes and titles must be cleared before the mobile home is hooked up to the truck.

The Building Commissioner is the person to look up for the area you are looking to relocate the mobile home. Having the title certificate and the county treasurer’s certificate are a must. Some people would say to hire mobile home movers first. The honest answer is that this is closer to the last step because nothing will be done until all legal paperwork is cleared.

Get the Permits

Just about every state in the US requires a permit to move a mobile home. The good news is that most mobile home mover companies will take on this headache for mobile homeowners.

Know the Cost

It is guaranteed that an approximately 50-mile radius to move a mobile home will cost between $5K and $8K. This cost includes everything from the paperwork to the moving and hookups in the new location. The price is for a single wide trailer. Double and triple wides will cost more because the mobile home is split into two to three parts. Once the home reaches the location, a single-wide is put in its place, anchored down, and hooked up. Double and triple wides must be taken apart and put back together. Figure the cost of everything and price around with different companies.

Know the Factors that Determine Cost

It is best to go over the size, location, travel distance, weight, permits, inspections, set up equipment, moving materials, age and condition of the mobile home, and finally, the insurance and liability to move the home.

Know the Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Knowing all the benefits of hiring mobile home moving companies like Associated Pacific Movers to move your mobile home is the best way to go. The best thing is that they handle the permits for the homeowner, and they know how to transport the mobile homes safely from one location to another with all of their top-notch Class A CDL licensed drivers.

Find Movers You Trust

Let’s face it from point A to point B and all the hookups in between. This is your home. You want movers you can trust to unhook, haul, set up, and hook up in the new location the right way so the mobile home can withstand the weather and most situations that mobile homes face. You definitely want licensed and insured movers. Shop around through the internet or word of mouth to find the best.

Things to Avoid

You know most of the dos in this. Now here are some of the don’ts you don’t want to do.

  • Don’t go in blindly. Ask the right questions and ask for referrals.
  • Don’t skip the permits and legal paperwork.
  • Don’t ignore the local zoning laws and regulations.
  • Don’t skip out on the utility company connections.
  • Don’t ignore county or city rules or regulations when moving a mobile home to a new location. Those rules are just as crucial if it is in a trailer park.

This is not a DIY Project!

It is critical to understand that you cannot do this alone. You need everyone mentioned in this article to have the mobile home moved legally. Leave the job to the professionals.

Ways to Cut Down on Moving Expenses

Knowing and understanding that all safety rules and regulations should never be overlooked or skipped over to save a dollar is critical. However, there are ways to save money by knowing what trailer park you want to put your mobile home in and the cost of the cheaper locations. Once again, look up referrals and continue researching the location you are moving to get the best deal for utilities and all municipal services.

Can the Mobile Home Handle the Move?

Here is where things can get a bit tricky. For new mobile homes, there are no worries. However, older models dated before 1976 may have issues of falling apart on the road. This could be devastating and cause many problems. The mobile home may make the trip, but the structure may not sustain livable means once it is put in place.

Does the Size of the Mobile Home Matter?

Yes. The size of the mobile home matters because it must pass through the route given easily. For example, it must be able to pass under overpasses without hitting the bridge, and it must be able to make the wide turns necessary to get it to the location. This is where logistics comes into play for singles, doubles, and triple-wides. They are split into different sections and hauled accordingly by more than one truck.

Zoning Issues

Lastly, we look at the zoning issues that are for each state. Every state is different. There are three zoning areas to be aware of: wind, roof load, and thermal zones. The mobile home must meet or exceed all rules and regulations of the zoning areas.

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