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Here is a list of great ideas to make your corporate events unique and memorable: 

1) Karaoke Night.

When there’s a mic or two and there’s music without lyrics that needs to be warbled, this is a terrific way to establish rapport among colleagues during corporate events.

2) Outdoor Cinema Screening.

When the weather is cool and pleasant and there is a wide open space, make your fellow professionals relax out in the open, watching a funny movie with popcorn and soda on the side.

3) Luxury Yacht Charter.

Give your fellow workers from all your company branches something glamorous to talk about when you bunch them all together in an exciting trip on a yacht overnight with lots of champagne in tow.

4) Ultimate Army Assault Course.

Some of your friends might be ex-military or former athletes in their prime. Let every district be represented by sporty delegates who are eager to climb through obstacles and to rappel up ropes to lead their team to victory.

5) Group Kayaking.

Assemble groups randomly from every branch office so that they’ll get to know other co-workers better as they build together a spirit of cooperation when they paddle their kayak together up to the finish line.

6) Idea Workshop.

Have handy different kinds of materials like water color, sketch pads, cartolinas and the like to make corporate events like yours a platform for employees to share ideas through paper and color that the company can manufacture.

7) Grilling and Smoking Afternoon.

Tell the delegates to come out in their picnic clothes as they indulge in a competition on the grass for the best barbequed steaks and sausages. Afterwards, everybody gets to have their bellies full with all the bountiful food.

8) Whisky Tasting.

Corporate events are opportunities for relaxation. If the conference is held somewhere in Edinburgh, make the participants benefit from tasting Scotland’s famous single malts as they go through a narrative on the history of Scottish whisky.

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9) Hear From An Expert.

Corporate Events are chances to be in the presence of world renowned experts who will give a talk on a new promising technology.

10) Alternative Payment Cafe.

At the David Lloyd Leisure Run For Your Bun Cafe in London, instead of paying for what you ate and drank in currency, you pay instead in the form of stepping up onto their exercise equipment such as spin bikes, rowing machines and treadmills. You immediately shed your calories.

11) Carnival Parade.

When the delegates are introduced on opening day, they all come out in costumes which signify carnival fun like dressing up as clowns, aerial ladies, lion gamers, animal mascots and the like.

12) Go Karting.

Build up steam in your colleagues as they prepare for their Lewis Hamilton fantasy ala F1 but on a smaller karting scale. But definitely something exciting too for everyone as they speed away on the circuit.

13) Corporate Cooking Class.

You will be surprised at how many colleagues would want to learn how to cook new recipes. Make it a themed cooking class like Spanish, Italian or Brazilian cuisine.

14) Immersive Photobooth.

The photos that the delegates bring home with them will be delightful reminders of the fun they had. Have available as backdrop for the photos the different famous venues of the conference location.

15) Pop Up Vending Machine.

It features thousands of novelties inside available for the participants’ enjoyment when they post on Instagram photos of their event with a special hashtag to provide extra publicity for the corporate events. The gifts serve as their incentives.

16) Decade Themed Dance Party.

Make it fun with the participants decked out in 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s attire as they heat up the dancefloor with hits from those eras.

17) Treasure Hunt.

Break them down into groups as they explore a vast area for clues and relics which they connect until one of the teams get to reach first the pot of gold. Great for building rapport.

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