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If you are working in the fabrication or welding industry, you may have noticed the importance of plasma cutters as well as the range that has been increasing with the innovation of its new features. From local fabrication shops to multi-national fabrication companies, they are dire importance of plasma cutters. Getting a quality plasma cutter to ease the welding work at a low cost is a smart move. Either you want to buy an efficient plasma cutter for industrial or to fulfill your hobby, its worthy to get always the best one within your budget.

Finding the best plasma cutter, however, can pose many difficulties, especially if you don’t have extensive knowledge of its features and specifications. Also, before making the final purchase decision, you need to make your priority clear. To help you out, we have scrutinized the best-reviewed plasma cutter for 2020 to help you make an informed decision. But, before listing the best cutters, here are the pros of owning the best-reviewed plasma cutting machine:

Pros of Plasma Cutting Machine

  • The quickest way to cut any material that conducts the flow of electricity
  • Quality plasma cutters are five times better and faster than traditional, manual torches
  • Require marginal training, making them user-friendly
  • Easily used as gauges, lining up material with perfection
  • Use gas that is not highly flammable, eliminating safety hazards at work
  • Keep the surface of the targeted materials cool, preventing warping and damage to the paint.

These many advantages reflect the importance of having a plasma cutting machine in the fabrication industry. If you find these advantages really valuable and planning to purchase a plasma cutter, check out the best-reviewed for the ones that attract your interest the most.

Top Plasma Cutters

PowerPlasma 52i

If ‘PERFORMANCE’ is only what you are focusing, look no further than the Everlast Power Plasma 52i. This is in-built with IGBT Inverter design technology. This high-quality plasma cutting model provides you with complete torch control while making clean and precise metal cuts. Buying this model is one of the long-term money savers at an affordable cost. Thus, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional welder, the PowerPlasma 52i will get the job done with precision.

  • Durable and high-grade unit
  • Cost-effective operational cost
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Controllable amperage unit
  • Widely used for different industrial applications

Miller Spectrum 625 X- Treme

Meticulously designed for portability and high-performance work, Miller Spectrum 625 X-Treme is specifically made for light plasma cutting mechanism. The model of this brand can withstand long hours with no interruption and can be widely used in a variety of working environments.

  • Sleek and lightweight model
  • High-quality and durable metal cutter
  • Allows precise, clean cutting with minimal warping
  • Serve excellent value for money

Hypertherm Powermax 65

This is seen as a reliable brand in the online market place. Industrial hobbyists, as well as many craftsmen, prefer to have this plasma cutter. Its non-touch pilot arc, as well as clean cutting style, offer the welder a user-friendly experience. With this mechanism, you can even cut every possible delicate and hard materials from stainless steel to copper.

  • Smaller, light-weighted, and easy to handle
  • Provides high-quality performance with precise cuts
  • Able to cut the hardest surface effortlessly
  • Fast performance than other plasma cutting process

Considering all the positive aspects and top-notch features of the above-mentioned plasma cutters, these top picks worth the investment. Get ready to experience the efficiency cut even on the hardest surface without going above your budget.

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