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Kitchen Remodeling in DenverKitchen Remodeling in Denver

It is time to refinish kitchen cabinets and we realize the importance of kitchen cabinets refinishing. Today we are going to talk about a fundamental subject for the dream kitchen project: the cabinets! With 25 examples of wonderful cabinet ideas, there will be no shortage of inspiration and reference for your personal idea book. We separate projects for the most diverse sizes and tastes, with a wide range of colors, finishes and styles.

  1. Neutral colors for the cabinets give the impression that the kitchen is bigger. Use the same tone on the kitchen table and in the niches for appliances. Then, bet on coatings that contrast, but still match.
  2. Mount a cabinet in a corner of the house – this way it can serve two environments at the same time. Items for tea with friends can be exposed, while cooking vessels can be hidden.
  3. You can complement the cabinet under the sink with niches and shelves on the walls. So it is possible to store more utensils and also display decorative items
  4. Doors with built-in handles prevent accidents – they make it harder for objects or hair to get hooked to cabinets
  5. A built-in closet with drawers and niches in the doors multiplies the spaces in the home. The furniture is a charm with warm and directed lighting
  6. In rustic kitchens, cabinets with patinated or peeled doors give a traditional effect to the home. It’s as if the furniture records the passage of time
  7. Another idea for a rustic cabinet is to combine wooden doors with a white painted concrete frame. Red walls and a wooden ceiling match this style very well!
  8. If you want to dare, use striking colors and tiles with modern prints. It is worth mixing with plants or traditional coatings, such as wood and brick
  9. Another option to dare is to include classic cabinets in a modern kitchen. The kitchen island can also be used to store decorative objects and cookbooks.
  10. Cabinets with stainless steel finish are more resistant to the effects of time. Combined with wood, they give the kitchen a modern look.
  11. Cabinets can be created with spaces already destined for home appliances. Built from floor to ceiling, they allow you to make the most of your home’s space.
  12. Cabinets can be used to fix recessed lights on the countertop. Thus, it is possible to complement the lighting of the house or apartment.
  13. Designing a cabinet with niches of different sizes allows you to store different objects. If you make it to measure, it is worth thinking about the appliances you need
  14. It is worth highlighting the difference in size of the cabinets by covering them with different colors. It’s important that the tones match!
  15. Coating the cabinets with the same material makes small kitchens look bigger. Even better if the coating is clear!
  16. A cabinet with drawers and shelves of different sizes allows you to store different objects. It’s even worth keeping a sink or a tabletop stove in the space
  17. Cabinets can reinforce the vintage air of a kitchen. Reddish tones and patinated paint work well with this style.
  18. In American kitchens, it is worth creating more beautiful niches, where utensils can be prominently displayed. Remember: these cabinets will also be part of the room decor
  19. Modern materials such as glass, artificial stone or formica or glass give the cabinets a futuristic look and are easy to clean
  20. Installing light spots directed at the cabinet makes the task of finding objects inside the furniture easier
  21. Using cabinets without handles makes the kitchen look even cleaner. It is worth using latches that open with pressure applied to the door
  22. Built-in cabinets with many niches form a good solution for organizing spices, food and drinks
  23. Cabinets can have bespoke interiors for spices, food and appliances, even when their doors are part of a decoration project with the other furniture
  24. Cabinets with doors the same color as the walls create the feeling that the kitchen is wider
  25. Closed cabinets can be combined with shelves. While common utensils are kept out of sight, decorative objects can be exposed

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