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3 Activities to Help You Feel Like a Celebrity

We all love a bit of glamour, and often we find that we are living vicariously through other people when we read tabloids and check social media. You’ve probably found yourself sitting at home in a pair of sweatpants flicking through Instagram looking at pictures of the latest awards show, and suddenly you find yourself wondering why your life isn’t quite as glamorous. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to create our own glamour in life. Sure, we might not find that a limousine comes to pick us up and drops us off at the red carpet, but there are plenty of exciting things we can do that will allow us to get dressed up and make us feel like a celebrity – even just for a few hours.

No matter your budget, there are options for everyone, but we’re going to give you our top 3, including heading out for a nice meal and going to the theatre. We’ll even discuss hitting the casino to make you feel like a high roller in Las Vegas but remember, if you don’t fancy going out for this experience, you can enjoy the fastest payout online casinos at from the comfort of your own home.

1.  A Nice Meal

It might sound simple but heading out for a nice meal can be the best part of your week. Quite often we find ourselves in a routine in life, and whilst routine is good it can also be destructive to our social lives by stretching into the entertainment we consume. Maybe you’ve found that you always go to the same restaurant, and as such it’s not ‘special’ anymore, or maybe you just go to your local, so you don’t have to make much of an effort. Finding a great restaurant can be a great experience, however. By checking reviews online and finding somewhere elegant that will give you an excuse to get dressed up, you can find that your regular 1-hour dinner becomes a full night out as you soak in every aspect of the beautiful venue you have chosen – guaranteed to make you feel like a celebrity.

2.The Theatre

Going to the theatre is another great example of how you can spend your money in an intentional way to ensure you get the most out of your time. The theatre is one of the more expensive things to do in your free time, but it’s certainly worth it. Heading out to see a great show is a sure-fire way to feel glamorous, especially if you’ve taken the time to get nicely dressed up beforehand. And don’t forget, there are ways to lessen the price, like by booking your seats in advance to ensure you have a choice of any seat in a variety of price ranges. Plus, by booking in advance you give yourself something to look forward to. Cultural, expensive, glamorous – no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, you’re sure to get it at the theatre. If it’s a special occasion, you can also combine this with a meal out – getting twice the celebrity feeling in one night.

3.The Casino

If you want to feel like one of Danny Ocean’s Eleven, the casino is the place to be. Alright, so you’re not going to rob the place, but I’m sure you’ve watched this or any other casino movie and thought how special it looks to be able to dress in black tie attire and go out for a night of gambling and entertainment. You can have this at your local casino too – you don’t have to travel to Las Vegas. With many casinos open all night, this can also be paired with dinner, the theatre, or both – what a night out that would be.

There are plenty of activities that exist to help us feel glamorous, even in our local towns. Whether you plan to make this a regular thing or reserve it for special occasions, there’s no denying that you don’t have to sit at home living through internet celebrities. Grab life by the horns and claim back your own enjoyment, your own luxury, and your own celebrity-like experiences – you’ll be glad you did, and you’ll soon find that you’ll be looking back on your own memories, not someone else’s.

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