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IP Address

Not all users have the idea that they are surfing the Internet with no secure trick. But, several users among these may know what an IP address is. Though you feel pleasure and satisfaction in accessing all the desired sites on the Internet, your IP address can get you in a lot of trouble that you knew not. So, do you find any better option than hiding your IP address?

No matter how advanced we become, the digital world will remain a vulnerable place for users. Perhaps, the only thing that can help you get out of the problems is the complex security protocols.

Like many other things that are important to keep hidden, IP address is one thing you need to give more attention to. Even security professionals around the world recommend we take measures before it is too late.

Freedom from all the thefts and frauds is all we want. Here are some of the reliable techniques that can help you get rid of the big issues.

Revealing The Mystery Of IP Address

IP address, Internet Protocol, is a user’s unique system identity. It comprises a set of numbers that tell about the Internet with which a user is connected.

In the real world, an IP address is similar to a mailing address. This is the same address that is mentioned in the letter to inform the receiver about the sender.

Your IP address holds a lot of worth and is used to achieve the response to the desired request. For instance, when you access a website, your device sends a request using the IP address. When the request is approved, access is granted to the desired IP address. In this way, you can make use of the site’s features until your needs are met.

Hide Your IP Address In These Simple Ways

1. Surf the Internet anonymously

The most recommended method to hide your IP address is masking your identity. This is a preferred way to surf the Internet without revealing yourself to other users.

Online sites are not secure at all. Eavesdropping is so common that you may lose sensitive information without being getting a hint. Almost all sites gather your personal information for various purposes. But, an intruder can take only a few seconds to steal the information before it is transferred to the relevant person.

To avoid the hassle, hide your IP address by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. It allows you to surf the Internet without revealing your identity. Hence, an anonymous user is safe from threats when surfing the Internet.

The interesting part of doing so is that you can browse anything from anywhere without revealing your identity. Sometimes, we just want to inquire, and brands often do not cooperate with us. It gives us a headache because the online inquiry is far better than walking to the doorstep.

2. Mask your IP address for free

There is one more way to access the Internet and move around freely. Tor is free to use software that is preferred to hide your IP address effectively. It uses a large network of volunteer servers.

If you are looking for a tool that completely hides your identity, Tor is what you need. Tor captures the traffic and directs to different servers before it reaches you. In this way, the website can’t track your IP address because it gets zero results on tracing back the original IP. This is because Tor applies multiple layers on your IP address.

The only hassle you will face in using the tool is efficiency. Although the traffic is directed to different servers, the process takes a lot of time.

And with this technique, who would prefer to go for anything that costs us an arm and a leg? Even if an intruder breaks into your PC, you will have to pay for crucial things that are only possible by contacting a professional.

3. Use a public network

You can avoid your attackers stealing your data. If you are using your personal internet service provider, then you are at risk. When you surf the Internet and are not sure about any site’s security, don’t risk your personal data.

Instead of using your personal internet service provider, connect to public Wi-Fi. It will connect you to a different network, and the attacker might get confused about accessing your identity.

You can simply get access to any public network. Whether it is a mall or a coffee shop, the shared network will hide your IP address from the attacker.

However, it is still not safe. It will help you hide your IP address, but at the same time, you will become vulnerable to many other issues. This includes hacking, malware, and many other security threats.

Like the online B2B marketplace is a secured platform, you should only visit the sites that ensure to follow all the cybersecurity protocols for user safety.

Indeed, not every site will give you convenience in this matter. You have to be really vigilant in terms of browsing the sites. Shaky or dubious sites will be a major threat. Try to go for anything that has a good reputation and will not affect your experience in any way.

Final Thoughts

With the increasing use of the Internet, we also face an increased number of cybersecurity issues. This is definitely a big issue, but you can also resolve the problem at your end. Since not everyone is aware of cyber problems, this post will definitely give everyone the freedom to surf the Internet.

Beware! You can be caught by anyone who can misuse your information for various reasons. So, follow these simple rules and create a barrier for the attackers. You will definitely get rid of these tensions while using the Internet. You can also tell your friends and family to adopt the same practices before it is too late. Remember that precautions are better than cures.

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