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If you need benefits, insurance, and medical attention but you can’t seem to file the claim on your own, you need a professional’s help! Although you may think you know what you are doing, the chances of being approved from your first claim are actually very slim. Did you know that only ⅓ of first-time applicants are approved for a loan for their health issues?

Instead of gambling with this chance, hire a professional lawyer who can help you gather your medical information, submit the information to the government, and fight your case in court. Only then can you rest assured you did everything possible to gain the money that is rightfully yours and receive the support and resources from the government so you can continue living a healthy and happy life.

Let’s see three instances in which you should hire a professional like Betz and Baril to help you fight your case in a court of law!

3 instances in which you should hire a social security disability attorney to help you fight your case!

Gather your medical information

One of the most important parts of hiring a social security disability attorney is so they can help you gather the required medical information. Even though you have already done tests, they may not be enough proof or conclusive enough to show that you require benefits. In this case, your social security disability attorney will order more tests that can significantly prove without a doubt that you need email help and financial aid.

You realize you need to file for a disability

Although this may seem like common sense, you need to call a social security disability attorney as soon as you think that you should file for disability. Don’t wait! The longer you wait, the less severe your injury may become and the less likely you can receive benefits. You should call as soon as possible for a free consultation and have them help assess your case, gather background information on you and your injury, and help you with your first application to receive benefits.

You are most likely to get approved during your first application with a social security disability attorney – so make sure you reach out as soon as possible.

Help with your application

The third instance in which you should contact a social security disability attorney is during the application process. If you can get the medical information, tests, and other documents on your own, you can hire a social security disability attorney to only help you submit the application to the Social Security Administration to ensure you will be given benefits for your injury. Especially if you have already received a denial on your first application, hiring a social security lawyer is a no-brainer to help improve your chances of success, move your case through the judicial system, and explain your serious medical condition.


To improve your chances of receiving benefits and not having your claim denied, make sure you hire a social security disability attorney to help you with your claims, gather your medical documents, and help prove without reasonable doubt that you require benefits!

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