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Jute is a natural fiber and its properties are such that it has become a very affordable article for daily use by people of all strata. From room interior design to items of utility, its uses are varied and those who thought that its somewhat pale color and ruggedness was not conducive for its use as an object of beauty are wrong. The reason is that today jute can be given any shape and design as desired and one such result is the Jute Rug. Rugs and carpets are used in every home but some of the materials like leather, wool and even silk can be too costly sometimes for some people to afford. For them, Jute is a very good alternative. When it comes to Jute Rugs, there are lots of advantages to it.


  1. Economical: The first is obviously the pricing. They are very affordable and you can opt for the best quality and best designed jute rugs and still not burn a hole in your pocket. The only thing that you should keep in mind about Jute is that they should be kept away from long exposure to moisture, or specifically water. They tend to become feeble and come apart if immersed in water for long stretches of time. The fibers lose their natural texture and coarseness sets in. And then hardly anything revives it. So it is best to be careful right from the beginning. Even while cleansing it off any stains, it should be cleaned with a damp cloth and not rubbed vigorously with soapy water. With these little precautions, you will be able to keep your jute rugs in very good condition for a very long time. However, even if they do wear out, they are very easy to replace.


  1. Versatile: The next of course is that they are very versatile. Use them for the drawing room, the kitchen or the bedroom, they will look good anywhere. And this is because it can be easily twisted and given any shape. Jute braids and jute ropes are made into delightful patterns. They are also resistant to color, so then they are given colorful patterns as well. For those who love earthy tones and country look for their homes, will simply fall in love with them. All of them greatly add to their appeal and the best thing is that one does not have to search high and low for them. You can visit any local fair or handicrafts store and you will find them by the dozen.


  1. Sustainable: With so much stress laid on sustainability, you cannot find a more eco- friendly product for your house interior decoration. You will notice that doing up your space with sustainable items like jute, pottery and items made by hand stitched embroidery invariably makes your home cozier and adds more warmth to it. Your home does become that peaceful nook that you envisioned it to be and jute items greatly help with it.



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