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How to Use TV as Second Monitor

You have probably seen most freelancers including web designer working with multiple screens. As a matter of fact, one characteristic that defines them is the love for technology and the need to increase productivity. So if you are one of them or you are considering starting working at the comfort of your room or office, there are many reasons you should consider multiple monitors for your activities.

To increase productivity, most designers and freelancers don’t only seek to increase the number of workers but to use multiple monitors. As stated above, use of more than one monitor can bring a number of significance in the workplace. This doesn’t mean that there are no cons of using the same. There are few disadvantages such as potential for destructions, lack of resources, lack of desk space and the cost of implementing such needs.

However, if productivity is the core need of the individual, all the stated cons can be outweighed by the pros of using more than one monitor. Before that, you should start by shopping the best triple monitor stands. Here are some of the pros.

Increased productivity

This is the biggest reason why you should be considering the use of more than one monitor. This doesn’t only target the designers but also individuals in other professions. As a matter of fact, there are a number of studies conducted to calculate the change in productivity when one considers the use of more than one screen. One of the studies by the Jon Peddie revealed that the use of multiple screens increased productivity by about 42%. Another study by the University of Utah found a 10% increase in productivity that beeps in with the use of multiple monitors.

Use of multiple programs

If you are a web designer or any other professional that needs to use more than one program at the same time, the use of multiple monitors can save you time and energy. In the case of web designers, there are some workflows that involve the use of more than one program at a time. Talk about the use of Illustrator and Photoshop, which are at the core of web designing. The fact is maybe you are flipping back and forth into these two programs.  The use of multiple screens will save you the time that you could otherwise waste launching each of the programs at a time. That is what will impact productivity at any given time.

Sharing data between applications

I have already revealed that web designers and several other professionals’ works with multiple programs at a go. They also have to share data between the multiple programs at any point in time. A good example is the process of copying code from one application to the other during the process of web designing. It can as well be through the process of opening an image from one of the applications to the other. With multiple screens, the process of sharing data between the applications will be eased.


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