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Church Operations

Your church is an oasis for many people who look for spiritual guidance and peace of mind. Therefore, it must be equipped with the latest security measures as well as the supplies necessary to keep your congregation spiritually ready and your operations running.

Churches are increasingly being targeted today by extremists looking to leave an impression of their opposing views or even rebellious youngsters getting into trouble. Although this has been an issue since ancient times, it’s only becoming more prevalent, and people are aware of this, thanks to smartphones and social media. However, there are ways to prevent this and better equip your church in the process.

Here are three resources to help optimize your operations.

1. Access Control on the Premises and Parking Lot

Your church needs to be prepared to face Earthly threats such as vandalism, theft, and assault. There are many ways to go about it. One thing you can do is install a security system like Verkada that includes access control solutions to help your congregation and clergy remain safe on the property and in the parking lot. Verkadas enterprise access control system offers real-time visibility to know what’s happening in and around your church, cloud-based management to administrate doors, schedules, and settings from mobile devices, and unlimited scaling of your security system. 

This access control solution includes touchless entry with Bluetooth technology to use smartphones as credentials to enter the building. It also includes a digital keycard feature so you and your staff can have access rights on your smartphones that unlock different doors. Additionally, you can keep your clergy, congregation, students, and other visitors safe from possible threats and shootings with a single-tap lockdown activation system. You can use this system on your buildings and your parking lot to prevent any type of tragedy or catastrophic event.

2. Security Cameras to Detect Suspicious Activity

Moreover, you can keep the members of your congregation safe by installing a solid security camera system to ensure that any suspicious activity is detected before the development of unfortunate events. Security camera systems like Verkada’s are built to last and provide the most advanced surveillance in the industry. Their cameras come in different shapes and sizes that serve other purposes. They also include built-in storage and unlimited cloud archiving. Additionally, they use AI technology and sensors to detect suspicious and unidentified people on the property.

These security cameras provide users with proactive alerts and remote access safe from hackers and advanced search filters to help identify people by clothes and features as well as cars by model and license plates. Verkada’s security cameras provide a live feed for access management of your premises, so you can always be alert of who enters or exits your church. In addition, they provide motion plotting using heatmaps of your site to visualize meaningful movements across your floors at any time of day. 

3. Automatic Shipment of Supplies

Lastly, to keep your congregation spiritually equipped, you must ensure your church is first fitted with the latest books and supplies. Your church can benefit from Cokesbury’s supply shipping services for your worldly needs. You can choose to purchase resourceful books and bibles from any Catholic book publishing company thanks to Cokesbury’s vast array of choices. In addition, you can get curriculums for your youth and adult Bible studies and church supplies such as planners, flags, stationary, and even software.

These three resources will help you and your church stay safe and educated while studying the Word of God.

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