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If you are new in the real estate world, you might be a little bit lost about the best way to market your business and broadcast your services. Whether you are on your own, or you are working with a reputable real estate firm, you tend to be able to get new customers – and keep them! But how can you show to those who are looking to buy and sell houses that you are the best option when the competition is so high in your industry?


One of the best ways you can broadcast your services to the public and reach your target market is by using a real estate postcard. Instead of other marketing methods – which can be obsolete, time-consuming, and very expensive – you can use a real estate postcard to get the basic message across so your customer will know why they should hire you.


Instead of spending time and money on TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, and social media posts, why not use a real estate postcard to send to your dedicated clientele base. Let’s see a few reasons why you should use this marketing method and what you MUST include on this postcard. You can reach out to Wise Pelican and let them help you design your postcards.


3 things that are a must-have for your real estate postcard!


If you’re thinking of the best way to broadcast your services, using a result estate postcard can help set you apart from the competition. If your competitors are currently using their Facebook pages, websites, email chains, and text messages to reach their clientele, this can teach you what is working and what is not working. By analyzing what your competition is doing and what is most effective, you can then focus on how to alter your strategy so you can avoid wasted time and money. You will soon find that using a real estate postcard is one of the best ways to connect with your target market!


Name and company


One of the must-have pieces of information you need to include on your real estate postcard is the name and the company you work for. If you do not include your first and last name, people will be confused as to why you are not including the basic contact information on your postcard. Furthermore, including your real estate firm will give you credibility and a better reputation than just putting your name on the real estate postcard.


Houses for sale


The next piece of information that you should add to the real estate postcard is a current house for sale or a house that has just sold. You can include a house that is currently on the market to show others that you could be a good option to help them negotiate the perfect deal!


A sale that you just made!


If you have recently just helped a house sell for a high amount of money, including this on your real estate postcard can show others that you are great at your job.




Showing your real estate prowess, your background, name, and firm information is key for information that you MUST include on your real estate postcard!

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