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So you’ve decided to get a dog, and you’re not sure which to choose? Try a Maltipoo. Maltipoos are small, soft-plush dogs combined with the right amount of cuteness and energy. Dogs are loveable creatures that come with many benefits.

Dogs owners typically have longer lifespans, reducing stress and blood pressure levels. Overall, dogs are a huge responsibility, requiring attentive care. If you are thinking about getting a Maltipoo as your ideal dog, consider some things before getting one. This blog will help you understand Maltipoo characteristics to adopt one from humane Maltipoo breeders.

Today, we discuss three things to know about Maltipoos, then you can click here to buy online.

History Of The Maltipoo

A Maltipoo is a hybrid breed between a Maltese and a Poodle, hence the cross name. The breed originated from an island in Malta to breed a dog that didn’t shed too much. According to Maltipoo breeders, Malitpoos are highly sought after due to the plush texture of their fur and minimal shedding traits, ideal for individuals with allergies. Maltipoo’s are great companions possessing a friendly disposition to both humans and animals with their extroverted nature. They are toy breed dogs and come in three primary colors: Toffee browns, apricot, and chocolate. The average lifespan of a Maltipoo is 14 years, with training beginning as early as eight weeks old. Although Maltipoo’s are cross-breed, they are considered purebred species. Maltipoos require baths every three weeks to prevent dry skin.



What Is the Temperament of the Maltipoo?

Maltipoos have remarkable temperaments with a very affectionate and playful nature at any age. They are naturally intelligent creatures with a less barking and yappy demeanor than other small dogs. Maltipoos are perfect for children for their r warmhearted characteristics and stay small even into adulthood. It’s important to socialize your puppy immediately to adjust them around other dogs. Proper Maltipoo breeders should socialize the breed right away and carry info about the parents. Based on their parent breeds, Maltipoo’s are loyal lap-dog companions. They do not do well alone for long periods outside the house, so be prepared to keep them in the majority of the time. Maltipoo



Maltipoo Health Concerns


Maltipoos are typically a healthy breed, but they are not perfect. Some Maltipoo health concerns include:


  • Sensitivity- Maltipoos are very sensitive to their environments and do not respond well to chaotic and fast-changing environments.


  • Joint Pains- Maltipoos struggle with joint pain, shakiness, and seizures, all controllable conditions.


  • Separation Anxiety-These dogs do not too well alone for long periods. If you train your puppy from a young age to know they live in a safe environment, this will combat any future anxieties that may develop. Maltipoo breeders will provide tips on training and managing potential Maltipoo anxiety.


  • Maltipoo Skin Sensitivity: Malitpoos typically have dry skin leading to itchy and flaking. Monthly grooming and the proper dog PH shampoo will keep your pup happy and healthy.


Learn More From Humane Maltipoo Breeders Before Adopting


A Maltipoo’s environment is crucial to their overall health and behavior traits. Finding reputable Maltipoo breeders that provide a healthy and humane environment for the dogs is the first step. Malitpoos come with many benefits, in the long run, making them a great species to have as a first-time dog. Contact a Maltipoo breeder to learn more about the adoption process.

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