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We have less and less time during the day to be able to go out by bike and train in full sunlight, either because of work schedules, studies or the simple fact of leading a very busy life that does not let you take the bicycle when you want. But in this case, the phrase must be applied: “If you want, you can” and it is here where night falls, the most relaxing and quiet moment of the day so you can go out for a bike ride, disconnect and enjoy the bicycle.

We want you to ride your hovscoebike at all costs, regardless of the night, the cold or the heat. For this precise reason, we have created some tips so that you can enjoy cycling at night without any problem and in complete safety.

3 tips for riding a bike at night safely

  1. Make yourself visible

The main drawback of the night is the poor visibility it offers us. That is why, when going out for a bike ride at night, it is very important to wear lights and reflective elements to offer excellent visibility to all users who circulate on public roads.

You must have lights of great power and duration so that you can see where you are circulating and alert other means of transport or pedestrians of your presence. You must use a front and a rear light at all times, combining it with reflective elements either on the bicycle or in the equipment you wear.

Front light

The front light must be white and its main function is to offer you a good frontal field of vision so that you can correctly see the paths you are driving on and the different irregularities of the terrain so that you can drive safely. In addition, the front light also serves to alert oncoming cars or people. An important fact about the headlights is that they must shine at a minimum distance of 200 meters to correctly see everything in front of us.

A tip to save the battery of the headlights is to alternate the power of the light during the climbs since you do not need to see so far ahead and that will help you save battery and be able to ride for a longer time.


The rear lights must always be red and have the same importance as the front lights. They must be powerful and can be with different lighting modes to make you visible in greater or lesser intensity depending on the area you drive through.

It is advisable to always carry an external battery with you in case you run out of battery in one of the lights. You must take into account the time that you are going to ride your bike in order to correctly manage the battery.


  1. Use good equipment

The equipment to ride a hovsco A5 mountain cruiser bike at night should be the same as during the day but with the addition of an inner layer, such as a thermal shirt or an upper layer such as a vest or jacket. You must keep in mind that the temperatures at night drop very quickly and that is why the equipment must be larger. Bundle up and grab an extra layer to carry in your jersey pockets or backpack so you can throw it on in case you get cold.

It is important that the clothing incorporates some reflective detail to increase our visibility.

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