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Instagram Strategy amid COVID-19

Times are difficult amid the coronavirus pandemic. It is challenging to decide what to communicate with your business audience via social media platforms like Instagram. Your old messaging strategy will not work. Again, you cannot keep posting about COVID-19 all through the week. You will need to thinking of an Instagram strategy that strikes right for your business and your customers. Yes, you need to reflect on something special and different amid the pandemic.

According to an article published on Entrepreneur, you can use numerous Instagram tools during social distancing. One of these includes the ViralRace that helps you to put your social media content right in front of your targeted audience to develop your follower base fast. That is because once the pandemic is gone to need to reach out to your audience for sales. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best tips for your Instagram strategy during the COVID-19 crisis.

  1. First, understand who your audience is

It is crucial at any time, more so when the country is plagued by the pandemic. You need to show empathy at this crisis hour so that people can relate to your brand on an emotional level and not a purely commercial one. For this, you need to know your targeted audience. You might be thinking that you already know your audience. Ok, fine, but do you know them now amid the crisis and what they feel at the current situation?

It does not matter whether you know your customers. This is the right time to reflect and familiarize yourself with your customers once again. Here is how you can approach:

Understand your customers’ feelings: Take some time out for research, check with the influencers, and do your best to think like your customers amid the pandemic. Are your customers staying safe at home and how are they buying essential stuff for daily use? What safety and hygiene measures they have taken while social distancing?

Recognize the essential details: You can answer questions related to age, gender, location, basic likes, interests, and monthly income. When you get these basic details, go a step ahead to figure out what about your customers and what to do with them?

Get your answers: Once you get answers to the questions, forget your old marketing strategy and think of sharing your product information in a new way with different customers. What you can do as a brand to meet your customers’ needs amid the corona crisis through social media posts? Communicate with your Instagram followers and likes to boost your business and help the community as a whole.

  1. Try new things

When you have always wanted to explore the Stories feature of Instagram, this is the right time for you. Your messages through stories will resonate with your audience. When you are inquisitive about new content types, creative and engaging content and frequent Instagram posts, try it. You will benefit. It is the perfect time to develop healthy relationships with all your customers. How? Here is how you can approach:

Try a few of the functionality: Instagram has many tools to build engagement. You can make the most out of Instagram polls. Reap the maximum benefits out of these tools to receive product feedback or use the reactions to improve your customer service.

Try using video content: Create spontaneous Instagram videos. There is no need to produce professional visuals by an expert. A simple explainer video of your product will benefit your business as well as customers.

Listen carefully: Listen to your targeted audience carefully. You can do this best by keeping watch on your Instagram posts, comments, information related to your competitors, as well as influencers in the industry you serve.

  1. Think more about your customers, less on your brand

When you are in business, you need to make profits and money to keep going and survive. It is not possible to forget that completely, but during a crisis as gigantic as the corona pandemic, you need to show compassion. Listen to your customer stories and address the problems based on what they have to say.

Your revenues are essential, but engagement factors such as likes, clicks, comments, and shares are more important in the current scenario because people might not buy luxury goods amid the pandemic. People are working on reduced paychecks and some lost their jobs, and therefore, they will buy essentials and not iPhones or a home theater.

Now, it is the right time to double-check partnerships, videos, contests, and referral campaigns. You need to make money amid the pandemic to survive. These are just a couple of examples to help you understand that you need to focus more on buyers and your branding strategy.


Amid the pandemic, you need to continue your business to survive. Then, show compassion, think about your customers and try new things.

By David Smith

I am David Smith - a professional copywriter and content strategist. I am helping businesses with content marketing and digital marketing services so that they can start seeing the tangible ROI quickly. I love reading books and car racing.

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