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Trading gift cards is not easy hustle. Hence, you need all the hacks you can get to be successful. Gift cards trading is also not like traditional buying and selling businesses. Therefore, you need to be smart with how you approach the game. If you trade like everyone else, you’ll not make as much profit as you want.

Don’t get us wrong; successful trading won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to invest time before you make maximum profit from trading gift cards. But it is possible to make money if you are patient.

Everyone has an idea about how to trade gift cards for cash. But so many people are also forced to give up after some time. If you are trading the wrong way, you’ll lose money and give up. For this reason, we decided to create this guide to help you trade gift cards successfully.

The Core Gift Cards Trading Idea

Trading gift cards are simply buying and selling. Also, your goal is to ensure that your cost price is lower than your selling price to make a profit. This sounds easy, but it’s not. The person you want to buy from is also hoping to sell at a higher price. Hence, you must have great negotiating skills.

Also, when you buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria, ensure that you are dealing with a trusted person. Most gift cards trades happen online, with people or platforms you don’t know. Hence, ensure that you verify how legit the other party is.

When trading gift cards, you can either deal with other individuals or deal with trading companies. Trading with others is risky, especially online. However, you can rest assured when you exchange gift cards for money with trading companies like Cardvest. Trading companies are safer and offer better rates.

3 Tips to Successful Gift Cards Trading

Here are the top tips you should have in mind as you trade gift cards.

Due Diligence

You shouldn’t just dabble into any gift card you see. You should do adequate research on the card; else, you’ll run into a loss. Not all gift cards are profitable to trade. Some gift cards also don’t sell fast. It’ll only be a waste of money to buy gift cards that aren’t in demand.

Ask questions from friends and others that trade gift cards. You should also ask questions on Google and read forums. The more you know about Gift cards trading, the less likely you are to run at a loss.

Trade on Cardvest

Gift card exchange in Nigeria is a big market, with several legit players. However, not all these platforms offer amazing rates and fast payment. However, Cardvest offers you both. You don’t have to wait hours before you get your money. Also, you get to trade at the highest rate possible.

You don’t have to keep looking for a Chinese merchant to sell to. Right from your home, you get to trade on the best gift card trading app. You can also download their android device to trade on the go.

Do Tasks to Get Gift cards rewards.

Rather than buying gift cards at high prices, you can sign up on platforms where you work to get gift cards. For example, websites like Swagbucks pay you for scouring the web, completing tasks and answering surveys. When you get your gift card rewards, you can then sell for cash on Cardvest. Since Cardvest buys at a high rate, you’ll get to maximize whatever gift card you get.

More on Cardvest

Cardvest is an online Gift Cards trading app that takes pride in offering the highest rate in Nigeria. The company works assiduously to ensure that traders get their money on time.

Cardvest also invests heavily in creating an efficient support system for their customers. Hence, if you have any problem with the transaction while using the app, you’ll get help within the hour.

High rates, instant transactions and support are three of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Search no more; Cardvest is for you.


Beyond the three core hacks to successful gift cards trading we detail on this page; you also need to be persistent. Consistency is king. If you don’t persist with trading, you won’t make the most of it. Keep trading on Cardvest.ng.

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