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Changing up scenery when working out can profoundly benefit your exercise experience by making your workout more exciting and shaking up your routine. As always, getting some Vitamin D will make you an overall happier person. Instead of staring at your white basement wall or lifting in your dimly lit gym, these workout machines will let you get that perfect outdoor training session you’ve been craving. 

Row Machine

So many avid gym-goers swear by this machine. You can achieve a lot of your fitness goals because it can help you lose weight, build muscle, get toned, and increase stamina. 

Get those endorphins flowing by setting this machine up in your backyard and hopping on for 15-30 minutes. It’s a low-stress aerobic workout, that unlike a lot of other cardio machines out there, is a full-body workout that gets your arms involved too. 

You will feel like you are on a crew team out on a lake, but feeling better about it because it’s more affordable and convenient than schlepping yourself to a waterfront. Get ready for those trap muscles, back, shoulders, biceps, thighs, and abs to be looking stellar while also possibly putting on an easy tan. 

Outdoor Elliptical Bike

Love running? Skiing? Biking? Then this machine is an absolute must, especially if you find those other sports to put too much stress on your body like your shins, feet, and back. This machine absorbs the impact so that you feel like you are doing the same type of movements but in clouds. 

Unlike stationary outdoor equipment, you can use this bike around your neighborhood, or take it with you on thrilling adventures and explore new sceneries. Expect to have a more toned and sculpted full body after mastering this advanced outdoor elliptical bike. 

Make your workout experience even more luxurious by using it with a friend or spouse. Just a suggestion! 

Power Tower

If you’re looking to build your upper body and abs, this is the perfect outdoor machine you’re missing. It’s easy to assemble and very stable. No need to haul weights around all the time. 

This equipment typically has a forearm rest and backrest that resemble a chair without a seat and handles attached to the end of the armrests. Horizontal handles also live on the machine so you can perform additional intense arm exercises.

Still unsure what exercises can be accomplished on this apparatus? Here are some ideas. 

  • Chin-ups: With palms facing away from you and towards the power tower, this exercise works the back muscles, biceps, forearms, and chest. You can widen or close your grip to hit different parts of these muscles. 
  • Pull-ups: When you flip your chin-up grip so your palms face you, you will hit different parts of the back, biceps, and forearms. 
  • Dips: As long as you dip yourself between the parallel bars and don’t bend your elbows less than 90 degrees, you’ll be using all that energy to grow and enhance your chest and tricep muscles. 
  • Pushups:  Sometimes you can find a power tower that even has handles at the bottom of the structure for pushups. This deeper push up works out your chest and triceps more than a regular pushup. 
  • Abs: You can hang from the upper bars or forearm rests to raise your legs into a crunch position and get an ab-burning exercise going. 

With these three outdoor workout machines, your gym can be anywhere you want it to be and maybe even make you even more hyped about exercising after work. So why not take your training session to new heights? 

Get ready for a brighter workout…Literally.

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