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30 bathroom vanities that were once a piece of old furniture

Recycling vintage furniture into beautiful bathroom vanities is trending these days. You cannot ignore the beauty of antique pieces. However, these pieces can be turned into something more unique and stunning. First of all, tasks like these need a level of creativity. Secondly, you do not have to spend a lot of money on a new bathroom vanity.

Hence, all you need is an old piece of furniture in good condition. For instance, you may use old dressers, tables, cabinets, side tables, and other such items. Let us delve right into the discussion.

If you are creative, you might be interested in it. Below is the list of 30 bathroom vanities that were once a piece of old furniture:

  1. Marital bliss
  2. Wild chest
  3. Mid-century mini vanity
  4. Farm charm
  5. Great Danish vanity
  6. Dresser vanity
  7. Desk vanity
  8. Old-wood vanity
  9. Vintage vanity
  10. Musical vanity
  11. Far east vanity
  12. French vanity
  13. Back-country vanity
  14. Tabletop vanity
  15. Bold vanity
  16. Sideboard vanity
  17. Sew cool vanity
  18. Treasure vanity
  19. Mediterranean vanity
  20. Antique double vanity
  21. Old cabinet vanity
  22. A vintage curved vanity
  23. Teak cabinet vanity
  24. Drawer vanity
  25. An offset table vanity
  26. Sideboard granite vanity
  27. Haute hotel vanity
  28. Kitchen kitsch
  29. Credenza vanity
  30. A midcentury desk vanity

1. Marital bliss: 

It is a bathroom vanity that uses an antique wedding table for the turnover. You have to clean it thoroughly first. Secondly, you have to remove the front drawers for plumbing. Additionally, you should purchase some faucets and cardboard. With the help of supplies and your skills, you can turn your wedding table into a stunning bathroom vanity. 

2. Wild chest:

You can find a three-drawer chest in an antique shop. There is no need to cut drawer fronts for this vanity style. Similarly, cut a square piece of wood from the back of the table. Insert a hole on the top of the dresser for the sink. Therefore, you will not see the plumbing. Wild chest top needs a marble slab to enhance its beauty. 

3. Mid-century mini vanity:

A mini vanity is a mid-century old dresser with only two main cabinets. Similarly, you can turn this mini beauty into classic bathroom vanities by fixing a square sink on the top. You can use this compact style vanity in your bathroom and your room. Besides, these mini-dresses used to come with mirrors. Therefore, you can use it too.

4. Farm charm:

A farm chest wood table is beautiful for bathroom vanity. Furthermore, for a table, you may have to cut one of its sides. Similarly, secure it to the wall. You can fix a ceramic sink with faucets on the tabletop. The plumbing goes down the table. You can add some antique candle stands at both ends of the table.

5. Great Danish vanity:

In this case, find a Danish vintage dresser. Firstly, waterproof it to secure its wood. Secondly, buy an under-mount sink. A sink which fixes under the dresser looks charming on the dresser. However, plumbing, in this case, goes inside the dresser cabinets. Danish vanity looks stunning besides a white bathtub.

6. Dresser vanity:

For a dresser vanity, you can take any old furniture. A dresser with three horizontal drawers sounds perfect. In addition to it, a long dresser can have double sinks. Therefore, buy two mini-size sinks. Similarly, cut two holes on the top of the dresser. Use two faucets. Moreover, plumbing for such vanity is not that hard. This dresser vanity will look stunning with an antique mirror.

7. Desk vanity:

For a desk vanity, take an old desk. Clean it thoroughly, also, paint it into a dark shade. However, you may need to buy a marble slab for the top of the desk. Furthermore, a white marble slab with a white under-mount basin is the best option. To add more to its beauty, paint the desk navy blue. 

8. Old-wood vanity:

Do you have a wooden chest drawer set? Then, you can turn it into a beautiful bathroom vanity. Firstly, make it waterproof. Secondly, do the plumbing and sewing. You may choose a round sink for this vanity with glass top sealing.

9. Vintage vanity:

Pick a vintage mid-century dresser from an antique store. Make it dust-free. Also, you can use lamination to waterproof its wood. However, you have to wait for the sealing to settle on its surface. When it dry, fix the sink and do the plumbing. You don’t have to modify the drawers. Therefore, use them to store towels and other essentials. 

10. Musical vanity:

What do you think about this? Does it sound different? A musical vanity is a unique creation. If you find a musical cabinet set at an affordable price, turn it into a sink top. Similarly, you need to remove its back cardboard. Furthermore, do the plumbing and attach it to the wall. You can use a round bucket sink for this vanity. 

11. Far East vanity:

Find an eastern drawer cabinet that has bold colors in it. The printing might surprise you. For a colorful dresser from china, use a funky porcelain vase sink. As a result, this will add to its beauty. It will transform into a beautiful bathroom vanity.

12. French vanity:

Old French furniture is one of a kind. Marble basins are the best option for on-site installations. These bathroom vanities elevate the look of your bathroom. Also, do not change the handles. Old-fashioned handles have their charm. 

13. Back-country vanity: 

Look for a farm-country-looking dressing table with curved legs. Similarly, you can convert it into a stunning vanity by digging a hole in the top of the table. Choose a sink that fits well, along with faucets and a mirror for the wall. You can polish the sink for a more polished look.

14. Tabletop vanity:

A tabletop vanity is the most attractive and simple one. It looks elegant in a simple bathroom. Firstly, you need an old antique-style table. Secondly, cut the back of the table to attach it to the wall. Similarly, buy a rectangular shape sink and fix it on the top. The plumbing usually hides under the table.

15. Bold vanity:

If you’d love something bold and beautiful for your bathroom, look for a bold color dresser. For example, choose red in this case. In addition to it, add a white marble slab on the top. A white sink and a marble countertop complement the bold red dresser.

16. Sideboard vanity:

An antique sideboard usually has lower curvy legs. A wide sideboard dresser can turn into a double sink vanity. No need to remove any of its drawers. However, fix two similar sinks with gold faucets. This bathroom vanity wholesale will look classic in your bathroom. 

17. Sew cool vanity:

A sewing machine cabinet has a different look. Therefore, when you turn it into a vanity, it looks unique. Firstly, fix the sink where the sewing machine was. Secondly, use the space under the table for the plumbing. You can see the plumbing in this dresser. Use the other end for regular items.

18. Treasure vanity:

You can remodel a piece of treasure furniture if you want. It has beautiful features. To restore an old piece of furniture, you can purchase an antique-style vessel sink. Fix it on the top of the dresser. Use copper color faucets. In this way, you can create a beautiful bath vanity. Not only this, but you can also use it in your guest room.

19. Mediterranean vanity:

For a Mediterranean-style old dresser, use a narrow rectangular sink. A deep sink looks classy. So use a dark sink and antique-looking faucets. Similarly, use a glass protector for the top of the vanity.

20. Antique double vanity:

Use an antique sideboard to create a double vanity. Most hotel and guest rooms have a double vanity. You can hang two antique mirrors above the vanity on the walls for multi-users. Similarly, opt for narrow ceramic sinks and a marble countertop. A double bathroom vanity is the best choice.

21. Old cabinet vanity:

You can make a vanity out of an old two-door cabinet. For this purpose, purchase a round basin and a white marble countertop. It will look simple yet stylish in your bathroom. However, make sure it is waterproof.

22. A vintage curved vanity:

You must have seen curved vintage furniture that looks beautiful. Although, if you have got one at your home, do not let it waste. Furthermore, you can turn it into a double-curved vanity. Also, use the drawers for towels and other essentials.

23. Teak cabinet vanity:

If you already have an old teak cabinet and a mirror frame, you can create a beautiful vanity. Firstly, buy a sink that perfectly fits into the dresser top. And remove the back for its plumbing. Install the frame on the wall.

24. Drawer vanity:

Like others, you can be creative with a drawer set. A dresser with three drawers is a good option for a vintage-style vanity. Secure its top with a glass or a marble slab. Insert the sink and rim it. Finally, use the drawers as you wish.

25. An offset table vanity:

You can use an old ironing table to make a beautiful bathroom vanity. Firstly, a vessel sink is best for a retro vibe. Secondly, secure the top of the table with a marble slab or glass protector. With an offset sink, you have more space for the other essentials. To complete this look, use an antique-style faucet.

26. Sideboard granite vanity:

You can upgrade a vintage sideboard by using it as a vanity. Well, you need a granite top for the dresser. Similarly, fix a vessel sink that matches the look of a granite countertop. Finally, use cabinets for storage. Also, don’t forget to hang a beautiful mirror.

27. Haute hotel vanity:

Turn an Haute-style dresser into a bathroom vanity. All you need is a mounted sink, faucets, and plumbing tools. A round wash bowl-type sink will look perfect with the vanity. It is a simple sink that includes cupboards for storage.

28. Kitchen kitsch:

You can even turn an old kitchen cutting table into a bathroom vanity. Isn’t it cool? A kitchen table might already have a porcelain top. So, all you need is a sink, a faucet, and a fabricator. A white sink looks great with a white countertop. Similarly, use the towel bar for small hand towels.

29. Credenza vanity:

A mid-century credenza lower-top dresser is best for unique bathroom vanity. Find a rectangular ceramic washbasin in a large size. Similarly, fix it on the top of the dresser. Use a marble slab for a countertop. Finally, beautiful artwork is ready to use.

30. A mid-century desk vanity:

As we have already discussed, a desk vanity has its appeal. First of all, secure its top with charcoal grey marble. Secondly, find a white-mounted sink and fix it on the vanity top. Use the drawers for storage. Add some creative decoration pieces on the top.


In conclusion, the various options in wholesale bathroom vanities have taken over the world by storm. However, you can turn your old furniture into a brand new bathroom vanity. You can use your creative skills for this purpose. Make a list of tools and supplies you need for this task. Then, purchase a suitable sink and ask a fabricator to do the technical stuff. In this way, you can transform the look of any old piece of furniture into a new one. 

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