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2022 is the year when ladies with curls won’t need to feel self-conscious. Hair trends for this year include 3D curls, and you’ll see them everywhere. 

This is good news for many because curly hair types have often been afraid to go with their natural hair. However, according to a survey by All Things Hair, there are still many who fear discrimination, and things need to be improved. 

Hopefully, this year’s curly hair trends will help set the record straight and confirm that it’s OK to flaunt your curls and be proud of them.

Unlike many other trending hairstyles, with 3D and different curly hair types, it’s not just about colour or cut. It’s more about a mindset and learning how to work with your hair, and enhancing what you were born with. 

Reasons to Love Your Curly Hair

  • It’s fun: You can style your curls in so many ways. The options and hairstyles are endless.
  • Saves you money: Natural curls cost much less to maintain.
  • No heat damage: No more curling tongs or hairdryers.
  • No worries about the weather: Your hair will always stay curly, come rain or shine. 
  • You’re part of a family: Curls unite different races and genders together to establish a sense of harmony and unity. 
  • Easy to take care of: Once you find a regime that works, your hair care routine will be a breeze. 
  • Looks last for days: Your curls will look good for days, and no one will realise. 
  • Length is not an issue: Curls look fantastic whether your hair is short, medium, or long. 
  • Every curl is unique: Your hair is unique and cannot be compared with any other. 

Learn How to Love Your Curly Hair

For many years, women have been going to extremes to defy their natural waves. It might be because of peer pressure to have straight hair or uncertainty of hair care and styling.

Having curly hair is less about learning how to control and tame them. It’s more about learning to embrace its ever so slightly out-of-control nature. So let’s share some quick tips on how you can learn to embrace the curl.

Determine Your Curly Hair Type

No two curls are created equal. What works for some women won’t work for others. So your first step is to determine whether your hair is tight curls or wavy. Only then can you learn how to manage and style your curls. 

Get a Haircut for Your Hair Type and Personal Style

Look for a hairstylist with experience with all types of curly hair and see what works for you. 

Modify Your Hair Care

Here are some general guidelines that will help with your curl care:

  • Limit brushing to after washing
  • Don’t wash your hair daily
  • Never blow-dry
  • Condition well
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and heavy products

Learn to Laugh at Yourself and Have Fun

Your curls will blow in your face and your boyfriend’s face. They’ll turn frizzy after swimming and will look a little crazy in the morning. Learn to laugh at the different levels of curly craziness, and you’ll find them easier to live with. 

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