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Bangalore, the tech-hub of the country has always been in the news for attracting the latest trends in technology. From startups to services, everything new begins in the city known as the Silicon Valley of India . So, when it comes to finding the 3D printing service best suited for you and your business, the city has a lot of options to choose from.

3D printing has uses in over 120 industries and holds a bright future in India. We can already see several businesses switch their base manufacturing to 3D printing. It is the most eco-friendly and convenient way to design prototypes, models or customized objects available today. Before switching any traditional manufacturing process with 3D printing, it is desirable to get a quote on the expenses involved and the services being provided. Even though myriad vendors are providing great 3D printing equipment and services, its always better to choose on the basis of feedbacks. Feedback can be obtained directly from colleagues or friends or going online and reading reviews and testimonials about the company you are planning to hire.

There are companies like 3Dexter who envision to keep the young generation in pace with the changes in the industry by introducing them to the concept of 3D printing in school. Young minds are very susceptible and can easily adapt to change. If they gain the skillset for 3D printing now and acquaint themselves with this emerging technology today, it will be an investment into their future. Not only will they have an advantage over their peers but also get a better understanding of their regular subjects. Renowned names from the industry are already working with some leading schools in Bangalore likeJain International Schools (3 branches), Bangalore International School and Amar Jyoti Public School. Each of these schools is provided with a special curriculum catering to the needs of the students that involves 3D printing the subject is introduced to help curious minds grasp the concepts and understand how the tenets of this field can further their aspirations. It promotes their interest in the field and gives them the freedom to think out-of-the-box and create structures and test their practicality. Apart from the equipment, the companies hosting the programs also provide guidance and mentorship to the schools enrolled.

One of the renowned names in 3-D printing, 3Dexter, has started a campaign in which free workshops are conducted and students are oriented with 3D printers, 3D pens and 3D scanners. There are plans on launching Dexter Design Labs a design competition held to boost innovation in Bangalore after receiving a phenomenal response from schools and students in Delhi. Once a school is enrolled with the plan, the first step taken is to upgrade their conventional computer labs into high-tech 3D design labs. This approach has found great success in Bangalore as tech-savvy parents, teachers and children are willing to acquaint and master the latest technologies. If youre looking for 3D printing services in Bangalore, do consider 3Dexter to assist you and provide great quality products and services.

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