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Every year, it appears that compound bow technology advances significantly, and 2021 was not an exception either. This year, the industry saw significant advancements in vibration and noise management (a big plus for deer hunters) as well as a push toward more accessibility (a refreshing change for hunters on a budget).

These days, there isn’t much of a difference between models, particularly when it comes to efficiency. When handled with confidence, each bow on our list is much more than able to kill a whitetail buck. As a result, choosing the best compound bow for hunting deer has mainly become a matter of personal preference.

Our Top 4 Picks for 2022

In the hands of a competent compound bow, it should feel like extending your body. Shooting numerous models is the easiest approach to figure out how it satisfies these requirements. So, before you spend a lot of money on a hunting rig, go to your local dealer and test drive a few. The models we’ve listed below, which are our top selections for you, are excellent places to start. These models provide some of the best hunting skillson the market, so give them all a try (or several) prior making your final choice.

1.Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX3

Hoyt’s REDWRX Carbon RX3 is a smaller version of the RX1 that is extremely silent when shooting and travelling through the woods.

While some archers prefer the steadiness of a longer bow, the most recent models on the market focus on the mobility of a shortened axle-to-axle length. The RX-3 is now only 30.5 inches from axle to axle & weighs just under 4 pounds, making it ideal for deer hunting. Its lightweight, compact design makes shooting from a tree stand as well as transporting it to and from the vehicle a breeze.

This fiery bow is available in draw lengths ranging from 25 to 32 inches & draw weights ranging from 30-80 pounds, making it suitable for all archers, young and old, tall and short.

Hoyt compound bows are noted for their forgiving nature and ease of use. This bow is nothing like that, and it’s ideal for first-time bowhunters, particularly in high-pressure situations.

Note: This model is available in a 34-inch Ultra and a 31 inch Turbo variant for those big guys that prefer a longer bow.

2. Bear Perception

Bear is known for pushing the boundaries of archery, and their limited-edition Perception Compound Bow is no exception. The arrow is centered in the bow thanks to a unique shoot-through riser. This design eliminates cam lean and cable torque, as well as regular shooting anomalies that cause accuracy loss. In addition, it is totally ambidextrous.

With less friction on the draw, even weight distribution across the shot, and less vibration on the release, this thing is a delight to shoot. When waiting for that perfect broadside shot, the back wall is a little squishy, which could be an issue. To improve both muscle strength and muscle memory, practice holding full draw.

This bow may appear a touch heavy at 4.3 pounds and 33 inches axle-to-axle length. It does, however, balance well, is forgiving, and launches arrows at breakneck speeds.

3.Bowtech Realm SR6

We’ve heard the “SR” stands for “Speed Redefined,” but that could just be a rumour. It’s understandable, given that Realm SR6 is the quickest bow on the list, coming in at a blistering 352 fps. This scorching arrow speed is achieved by the use of weighted overdrive binary cams or front draw cycle.

Bowtech’s Powershift Technology is featured on every model in the Realm range, allowing shooters to choose between a Training and testing for optimal speed and a Comfort option for a smooth draw cycle. In the Performance mode, the draw cycle is slightly extra demanding, swiftly increasing to peak weight. Even in Performance mode, though, this bow pulls like silk from beginning to end.

Upon releasing, the Realm SR6 emits some noise and vibration. The deer, on the other hand, won’t have time to flinch before the broadhead finds its mark, because to how quickly this device shoots arrows.

Also worth noting is the fact that the Realm SR6 was chosen as the editors’ pick by Outdoor Life this year.

4.Mathews Vertix

Mathews is known for producing greater hunting bows, as well as the Vertix, their flagship model model for this year, is definitely one of the greatest Mathews has ever produced.

Unlike most of Mathews’ huge compounds, this one falls into the “compact” category, with a 30-inch axle-to-axle measurement and a 6-inch brace height. In nearer hunting blind and tree stands, this monster moves like a dream.

It weights little over 4 12 pounds, which for backcountry bowhunters could be a deal breaker. The weight, on the other hand, serves to reduce hand stress, vibration, and noise. It is without a doubt one of the lightest composite bows ever made!

The Switchweight flexible cam system is perhaps the Vertix’s best feature. By simply replacing a module, this revolutionary technology allows you to effortlessly alter peak draw length. This allows you to fine-tune your draw without jeopardising the bow’s performance.

Final Words

The compound bows on this list are the best of the new 220 models and showcase bow hunting technology at its most advanced.

But obviously being able to find all of them to check out at one place is indeed a task, which is why we would recommend you to visit Walmart, which is a departmental store but caters all the categories no matter what!

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