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Although there are several marketing strategies one may choose from, social media marketing remains one of the most popular options. It has become popular because most people nowadays spend most of their time on the internet. It means if you are a business owner you have also to be available on the internet to make your business visible.

Marketing on social media also requires a lot of effort and dedication. It also has some options that you have to choose from for it to be successful. The options you choose depend on the available resources you have such as capital and your interest. Below are the different social media marketing options you can choose from.

  • Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and has the maximum number of users. It hosts a good portion of the world population and it is also active. It, therefore, gives advertisers and business people a good opportunity to reach out to their potential customers.

Most people prefer using Facebook due to its cheap cost and are also a platform for e-commerce. Facebook is priced according to two factors which are the set target for your ads and your target audience. It, therefore, means that the more you spend on socialwick and Facebook, the more it becomes efficient and therefore increases the performance of your business.

  • Instagram Advertising

Although the number of users makes Facebook the most popular platform, Instagram is also coming up and is competing with Facebook. It has the highest rates of engaging its audience and it has rapidly contributed to its growth and it now hosts more than half a million active users every month.

Instagram is majorly for posting videos and images and it has contributed to attracting many users such as artists where they can post their videos. It, therefore, means that those who can produce the best videos and images perform the best on this platform. The platform majorly consists of the youth and females and therefore, if the two are among your target audience then Instagram is the best for your business.

  • Twitter Advertising

It also remains to be one of the most popular and active platforms in social media with more than half a million active users every month. It is the most popular platform for breaking news and also provides an opportunity for its user to reach out to influencers and niche.

Twitter is the most reliable network for proper engagement, especially for business people. Those advertising their brands and products don’t have to pay for them to reach out to their followers. It is what has contributed to its high number of active users because many people prefer it over other platforms. Online marketers have slowly been taking advantage of the platforms and it has contributed to its steady increase in price.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is another social media platform that is unique. Other platforms such as Facebook majors on business to customers but LinkedIn revolves around the business to Business market and it is what makes it different from other platforms.

It is a platform with the majority of its users being in the age bracket of 30-64. Therefore, if your target audience falls in the age bracket then it is the best platform for your business.


Marketing your business on social media is the best decision you can make for your business. However, it requires a lot of effort for it to succeed and give a good return and It also requires good decision making. Therefore if you have decided to market on social media then you can choose from the options mentioned above for better results.

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