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For many years, it was he who cared about you; very fair that now you want to honor him. If your father is already old, and you want to celebrate his birthday with great joy, you need to take into account some prerequisites.

According to us: “Good planning is, of course, the essential starting point for the success of any event “.

If you are far from him then you can call, him text him, send him birthday wishes or you can send birthday images. But if you are near to your dad or live with him then you must organize party for him. Here are some point that you must keep in mind.

The planning

Esther also warns that: “If you do not have competent people to serve your kitchen, for example, it is better to plan a meal of cold or hot dishes that can already be completely finished and depend only on a quick heating when they are served. Another alternative is to hire services you trust”. As much as you know that your father deserves a great tribute, you need to take into account your financial possibilities, and from there distribute the costs defining the number of people to be invited, the place, what will be served, etc. The important thing is to keep in mind that it is not the grandeur of the party that counts, but what you want to convey to the honoree.

The honoree

Remember that your father is the main figure of the party, so it is necessary to adapt all activities aiming at his well-being in the first place. Nothing is more inappropriate than preparing a celebration that does not take into account the taste and joy of the “owner of the party”. Planning a party whose goal is to show love and respect for someone is an important differentiator from other types of parties, so even if you are tempted to please yourself and the guests, you will have to try to do it without dissatisfying the birthday boy. From the place, the time, the guests, the food … Anyway, everything must be planned according to your father’s taste.

The guests

Since the aim of the party is to honor his father, it is clear that the guests must be the people who live with him and who are consistent with his desire. Having a festive meeting with your guests who have nothing in common with your father will not have the expected effect. It is important that your father feels surrounded by people with whom he has affinities, only then will he feel that the party is really for him. An interesting idea is also to look for old friends, whom he hasn’t seen in a while; people with whom only the meeting will promote joy to the environment.

The homage

Creating something new, therefore unexpected, can make all the difference in your party. Think of something that can make your father feel how important he is in the family. Once again it is his taste that must be taken into account; from there, you just have to put your creativity into action. If he likes poetry or quotes, for example, you can have a personal book bound with a collection of the ones he likes best. It can also be a family album containing photos that elucidate situations lived by him and loved ones, after all, in general, the elderly love his memories.

The essential thing is that you express your love and gratitude with a lot of simplicity and sincerity and, thus, make your father hear the voice that echoes in your heart


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