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As people all over the world are struggling with Coronavirus, everyone is hoping for normalcy to return soon. The government is also now slowly recommending a return to everyday life, but only with strict precautionary guidelines. After being in lockdown for so long, you must be looking forward to moving out of the house. However, given that risk will continue to remain, you must take all possible care. When you wear a mask, also remember to cover your eyes to prevent the virus from entering the body through any means. When going out during the day, you can wear aviator sunglasses that are big enough to shield your eyes not just against the direct sunlight but also otherwise.

Aviator sunglasses should be your choice as they are designed to protect eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. At such time, they will act as safety gear for your eyes, while upgrading your overall look too.

Here are a few eye care tips that you must follow to protect your eyes and to stay safe against the highly contagious virus:

  1. Wear Sunglasses to Avoid Touching Your Eyes

One of the ways that the virus may enter your body is when you touch your eyes with virus-ridden hands. You might come in contact with a virus carrier or an infected surface. If you unintentionally touch your eyes or face, it may enter your body, and you will get infected too. Therefore, to prevent such a situation, you must never leave your house without wearing eyewear such as spectacles or a pair of aviator sunglasses as a precaution. In this manner, you will be able to ensure that you avoid touching your eyes and keep the virus at bay.


  1. Rest Your Eyes and Maintain Eye-Health

Due to the lockdown, you are not able to move out of your house, which may, at some point, be causing you a little bit of frustration. You work from home and find yourself sitting in front of the laptop for a significant part of the day. Further, to pass the time, you also spend a lot of time with your digital gadgets, playing games and binge-watching series. Doing all this may be affecting your eyes adversely. That is why you must take out time to rest your eyes through exercises and taking proper shut-eye time.

Once the situation improves, you will eventually go outside. At that time, make sure to wear aviator sunglasses to prevent your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Otherwise, it could lead to severe headaches and cause migraines as well. So, take care of your precious eyes both while you’re indoors as well as when you go outdoor.


  1. Make Sure to Wash Your Face and Eyes Regularly

You must make it a habit of washing your face and eyes once you return home from outside. This preventive measure is essential in the post-lockdown situation when you’ll be relatively more likely to come in contact with the virus. If you face eye itchiness, you may also use clear eye drops with your eye doctor’s permission.


  1. Avoid Sharing Any Eyewear Related Things

Another crucial point to consideris that you must not share any eye-related things with anyone after the lockdown. You must inculcate it as a custom. It can be your lens solution or aviator sunglasses and other things. It is because there will be a possibility of exposing your eyes to the virus by sharing eyewear related things with another person who might be infected already. Therefore, neither you use anyone else’s things nor allow others to use yours. It will also assist you in maintaining good eye health in the right way.

Ensure Eye Protection against Risks after the Lockdown

When the regular times return, you must practice safety measures in your daily routine. Even if you head outside for a while, wear aviator sunglasses or any other glasses to protect your eyes. Doing this will provide you withprotection against virus transmission through the eyes, as well as help you remain fashionable.Reliable brands like Titan Eyeplus provide you with a diverse range of sunglasses and spectacles that can be helpful during such times, especially. Some of these sunglasses provide you with 100% protection against ultraviolet rays. Choose the one best suited for post lockdown times and stay safe and secure.

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