Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or even a freelancer then you’re probably racing through the day trying to figure what’s the best way to juggle 5 things at once and getting them done on time. Maybe sometimes you find yourself so overwhelmed that by the time you get some time to rest, it’s time to go to bed. And so if you’re looking for a way to get things done quick, efficient, and as easy as a mass text app, then this article will help you do just that. Apply these simple and easy life hacks to your daily routine so that you can get your productivity up and your workload down. Here are 4 life hacks for getting your work done faster. 

4- Plan Your Day

Sometimes being spontaneous and on the go works, and is actually better than the alternative. But other times you will need to plan your day thoroughly and follow a schedule to a tee. Why? Because knowing what goes where, and at what times, will help you organize yourself faster, and thus remove any clustering of tasks or assignments. Try to schedule your day, or even better, your week beforehand. At the end of every week, write down your schedule for the week ahead. Try to include all possible work assignments, deadlines, or tasks that you might have, and leave some room for unexpected jobs as well. Being prepared is the number one way to being productive.

3- Cut Out All Distractions 

When it’s time to work than distractions need to go out the window. When you are at your desk or in your office try to isolate yourself from the rest of the world in that small window of time where you plan to get work done. Put your phone on vibrate or shut it off altogether. Go to a place where you know you won’t be disturbed like your apartment or your local cafe. Try to set up any social events or appointments beforehand so that you’re not thinking about anything else when you’re trying to concentrate on the task at hand. Once you do that, you’ll find it much easier to get your work done, knowing that everything else has been settled and that the only thing left to do is get the job finished and out of the way. 

2- Start Your Day Early

If you’re finding yourself pressed for time then you might want to consider extending your days by waking up early and gaining those extra hours. The perks of waking up early is that you do add extra hours to your schedule, where otherwise you might’ve added them at the end of your day. Another perk is that if you do need extra hours even if you did wake up early, then you always have the nighttime to add in those extra hours when need be. That way, depending on how much work you’ve done that day, you can either get more work done or finish the work you have left.

1- Give Modest Deadlines and Promises

At the end of the day if you’re finding yourself swamped with work and deadlines, then a good tactic to use for the future is to give your clients, and yourself, more modest deadlines. For example, if you know you can finish a project in two days, tell your client you’ll need three or four days to finish it. That way you give yourself a couple more days of working time, and you allow yourself more room to work freely.

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