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Plastic Glasses

People who always wear prescription glasses understand that heavy frames are a constant annoyance for people who must wear them all day long. Hence, for optimum comfort, it is best to opt for lightweight plastic glasses that are comfortable to wear for long hours. 

Plastic glasses are a popular choice because they are typically less priced, lightweight, and available in a wide range of hues and designs. While luxury brands can be expensive, plastic eye frames are typically less expensive. They are a preferable option for not just adults but also infants and little kids who are often a little rough on their frames. And while plastic glasses have a disadvantage, which is their susceptibility to breaking easily compared to metal frames, they make up for it with their multiple benefits.

Square Rimmed Glasses in Purple

Plastic Glasses

If you are someone who stays updated with all the fashion trends, you already know that vibrant shades of Pink and Purple have become a favourite of fashion lovers everywhere. And if you are not already in love with this trend, we guarantee these unique and eccentric square plastic glasses will change your mind. An excellent choice for people with rounder features, square eye frames have been a popular choice amongst people of all ages and gender. These plastic glasses are lightweight and fit your face snugly, offering all-day comfort and unobstructed vision. 

Round and Rusty Red

Plastic Glasses

Round-shaped eye frames can be traced back to the 13th century, intertwined with the history of glasses. This unique and classic style can conjure up an image of a refined, studious, and artistic authority (think Steve Jobs, John Lennon) and has been a favourite of people across the globe. A perfect addition to the vintage-inspired aesthetic, these full-rimmed round plastic glasses in a deeper hue of red are a must-have for those who wish to add an effortlessly chic and sophisticated touch of style to their costume as they step out into the world and make heads turn regardless of where they go.

Blue-Hued Cat Eyes

Plastic Glasses

Cat eye plastic glasses are a huge trend in eyewear right now. Anyone can wear a simple style because many different shapes, sizes, and colours are available. And since anyone can pull off this style, the only thing left to do is pick a colour you will love. And that is exactly why we chose to add these dark blue cat eye plastic glasses to our list. Darker hues of blue are extremely versatile. This means you can wear this pair with any outfit for any occasion. Whether it is power dressing, street style athleisure or just a little day out with friends, these frames got you covered!

Black and Blue Eye Frames

Plastic Glasses

Deep blue shades have been a popular option for as long as we can remember. But if you do not wish to follow the herd, we may have a little something for you. These black and icy blue frames are perfect if you try to add a pop of colour to your outfit without being too flashy. Even better about them is that they are made of TR90, a material that makes them unbelievably light and flexible. Perfect for an active lifestyle, the frames can bend and twist as you like, ensuring durability and comfort. 

Plastic glasses have gradually become a preferred option for many youngsters, thanks to the availability of multiple styles and fun colours. And with access to the right selection of eyewear, you can find an ultra-light and sturdy frame that perfectly fits your style and aesthetic. For the best selection of quirky and fun eye frames, you can check out Fastrack’s collection of plastic glasses on their website and in stores!

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