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About 40% of the sales talent continuously fail to meet the assigned targets, given the high rate of failure of sales staff, companies prefer to hire top sales performers. Hiring a dynamic, effective, and enthusiastic team of sales professionals is the only way to increase sales.

Sales recruiting is a complicated process most HR or Sales Manager lack the formal training to hiring sales professional.

Hiring Process

Often, there are no criteria set for the hiring process. A sales professional is often evaluated by comparing him with other candidates. Recruiting sales talent must be done by master salespeople as they know what the job requires.

4 Sales Recruiting Tips To Hire Top Sales

The following 4 tips can help you hire top sales performers.

Finding the Right Salespeople

Sales Managers believe in interviewing a large number of sales talent and determining objectively which candidate is ‘better’. They put out a vague ad with unclear recruitment conditions making a lot of people turn up for interviews.

With an avalanche of job applications, a sales recruiter would be wasting time and resources looking for potential hire. Make a job ad or post for a selective audience with certain qualifications, certification, and experience.

Make The Organization Look Presentable

Recruiting top salespeople is a two-way process, a sales headhunter has to convince them to be a part of the organization as well. Sales professionals are most likely investigating several opportunities and being approached by different companies, you have to persuade them to work for you with a good working environment and flexible terms and conditions.

Make an alluring and competitive offer to make them part of the team. Top performers usually work for companies with a stellar reputation where they can learn and challenge themselves. Make sure the company provides the right environment for them to grow.

Role Play

Roleplay is one of the oldest tricks to recognize talent and it has rightfully found a place to vet sales professionals. Ask candidates to sell a product by showing off their sales skills and ability to persuade.

Be the customer and evaluate the depths of their imagination, confidence, communications skills, and resourcefulness, if you are convinced to purchase the product, you know you have found the right candidate for the job.

Look For Strengths

Most sales recruiters happily settle for an above-average candidate, not investing sufficient time and effort, they eventually go for the ‘safe candidate’.


A ‘safe hire’ means someone who lacks weakness, is the only attribute a sales Manager should look for? Absolutely not, these safe candidates not only lack weaknesses but also razor-sharp strengths.


Being a sales professional is a complicated job, hiring someone who only plays safe would ultimately be a failure. Hire for strengths and their ability to persuade people, and overall sales skills.

Key Takeaway

Hiring top sales performers is a complex process and the role should only be given to someone with formal training. Follow these 4 sales recruiting tips to hire top sales candidates for available sales roles.

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