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Golfing with sustainability in mind can be a tricky feat. There is always something we can do to improve our approach toward the environment – and golf is not excluded from this. Golf is actually one of the most unsustainable sports there is, and therefore we should always be open to changes we can make that ensure our game is more eco-friendly. In this article, we will be looking at the four steps that you can take to achieve a sustainable, and green game of golf.

1.  Bring Your Own Sustainable Equipment

When attending your local golf course, remember to take your own gear and equipment. Make a statement on the green with high-quality team gear from Shop Team Golf. Whilst many, cheaper options are available, we recommend looking into your more sustainable alternatives before packing up your golf bag. For example, plastic golf tees are one of the main reasons golf is one of the least sustainable sports around. Try out other sustainable options such as bamboo golf tees. Not only are they as sturdy as their wasteful counterparts, but they can also take just as much impact, and are much better for the environment.

Also, as well as your regular golfing equipment, also think about what else you bring, or could potentially leave on the course.  Instead of drinking from a plastic, single-use bottle, why not try a reusable one? Make your game as green as the course, by making these easy swaps.

2.  Ditch The Golf Cart

It can be tempting to use one of the course’s golf carts to maneuver between holes, but why not walk instead? Typically, courses are surrounded by acres of beautiful landscape and are in a natural, breathtaking setting. Take a second to appreciate nature, by instead driving the course, or walking instead. It is beneficial not only for the planet, but also for you.

3.  Replace Those Divots

If you didn’t already know divots are the marks made in the grass on the golf course. This is typically caused by golfers as they play their rounds. Often, the course is brushed with their clubs, and therefore, will leave marks on the putting greens. If this continues to happen, the green can begin to suffer from turf diseases, which can, in turn, deteriorate the soil. By replacing your divots, you will not only save on the man hours needed to do this job, but you can also help prevent turf diseases from happening in the future of online games.

4.  Car Share On Your Way To The Course

Getting to and from your local course can often mean taking the car. Instead of adding to your carbon footprint in the name of a good golf game, why not car share with the local golfers in your area? You can save on fuel, as well as make a conscious effort towards being more environmentally friendly. If sharing a car is not an option, look into public transport or even walk – if the course is local, there is nothing quite like a natural-filled walk to get you in the mood to swing.

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