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4 Things to Do after Being Attacked by a Neighbor’s Dog

Dogs are gorgeous animals and are loved by the majority of people. As a pet, they are loyal, playful, and always ready to give you a hug after a long day of work. But, it doesn’t matter whether you are a dog lover or prefer to steer clear of them; when you get bitten by one, it is always a traumatic experience. A dog attack can result in serious injuries, including infections and broken ribs. The matter can get even more complicated if the attacking dog belonged to your neighbor, and they were careless with it. In such a scenario, you might want to get compensation by filing a case against the dog owner. Below I have mentioned a few things that you must do after getting attacked by a neighbor dog. Let’s take a look:

Contact Animal Control

If you have been bitten by a dog and are already aware of who their owner is, then you must call animal control immediately. Any bites or paws attacks that have damaged your skin must be reported to the relevant authorities of that area so that they can keep track of that particular dog to ensure that it doesn’t attack any more people.

Tend to Your Injuries

It is vital that you get medical attention for your injuries right away because you don’t want to catch an infection that can worsen your condition. Don’t just treat yourself with a first aid kit and get proper medical treatment from a doctor or first responders. Even if the bite or scratches don’t hurt much, you must still follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid any infections.

Consult a Lawyer

If you plan to file a compensation claim against your neighbor for this accident, you must consult a lawyer before doing it. The American law system is fair, but it is quite complicated as well. The procedure of filing a compensation claim is quite tedious and will cause you great confusion as well.  You can avoid all that by consulting an experienced dog bite lawyer. If you are unsure where to find a trusted dog bite lawyer, you can browse over to to learn more. Once you have a lawyer on your side, you will be able to make a much stronger case and might end up receiving excellent compensation. 

Collect Evidence

If you are serious about getting compensation for your injuries, then it is vital for you to gather evidence that will support your claim. Once you have received the necessary medical attention, you should take pictures of the injuries and the dog to keep a record of it. You should also talk to the witnesses and get their statements so you will have credible sources. Ask them for their names and contact numbers so your lawyer can reach out to them if necessary. You must also preserve the piece of clothing that you were wearing at that time so that it can be used as evidence.

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