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Whether deciding what type to use or even getting on any, birth control is worth considering in every intimate relationship. Nonetheless, it somehow still remains a taboo subject. Social platforms shy from advertisements that address birth control in non-clinical language. Besides, some media figures and politicians talk about it as a luxury instead of a necessity. As a result, most women do not get accurate information concerning birth control. In this post, the Memorial City birth control specialists dedicate time to take you through what you should know about birth control. Continue reading to learn more.

1)  There Are More Alternatives Than The Pill

Pills and male condoms might spring to mind first when you think about contraceptive options, but there is a slew of additional options, including:

·         IUD

·         The implant

·         Sterilization

·         The patch

·         The shot

·         The ring

Depending on your unique needs and preferences, you may select any of these options. You might need to factor in if you have any existing health conditions, want children in the future, side effects, lifestyle factors, and more. For instance, if you plan to start a family soon, an implant or IUD might not be your ideal choice. Likewise, if you are at high risk of cancer or are a smoker, you should attempt birth control options with reduced hormone levels.

2)  Most Birth Control Options Have Side Effects

When it comes to birth control, health history is the most crucial element to consider as it can help determine potential adverse effects. For instance, the pill is not suggested for smokers. Similarly, oral contraceptives are not highly recommended for persons with a history of stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular illness, or migraines since the components might heighten the risk of hypertension and blood clots.

Other common side effects associated with contraceptives include vaginal infections, bleeding, reduced libido, weight gain, bloating, or even cervical cancer. Your birth control could also disrupt your existing medication; thus, consult your specialist about attempting something else if you observe any uncomfortable or unusual changes.

3)  You Will Still Require A Condom

Although most birth control options will certainly protect you from pregnancy, the only contraceptive that can protect you from STIs is the condom. Therefore, unless you and your sexual partner are clear of any STIs and do not share partners, you should always use a condom.

Condoms, like pills, come in various styles: lubricated, non-lubricated, and latex-free, depending on your unique preferences. Size does matter, after all! Most brands come in various sizes, and considering that lousy fit is the leading cause of condom malfunction, your condoms must fit snugly.

4)  You Cannot Afford To Slack Off

Oral contraceptive carelessness accounts for nearly half of all unintended pregnancies. Thus, you cannot skip even one or two days and go about your business. Even if skipping a day or two does not result in pregnancy, irregularity might cause hormone fluctuations; hence, exacerbating the side effects.

If you skip a dose, do not take two doses at once! This double-dosing could have adverse effects such as headaches, mood shifts, and excessive bleeding. Ideally, if you miss a pill, continue taking it as usual and utilize a supplementary form of contraceptive for about a week.

Birth control is advisable if you are sexually active and do not want to get pregnant, regardless of whether you are married or dating. Understanding all you need to know about birth control will help you make a well-informed decision about what option is right for you. Thankfully, numerous possibilities for long- and short-term use are available at Memorial Women’s Specialists. If one method has failed, your OB/GYN specialist will help you determine a suitable alternative option. Call the Houston, TX office or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment today.

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