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Solar energy has this immense untapped potential to power up the world single-handedly. More and more people have started realizing its potential; hence, there’s a lot of curiosity about how are solar panels installed.


But, learning how are solar panels installed is one thing and maintaining them after they have been installed is an entirely different journey – the one that we will walk with you in this post.


Dive in and decode how to maintain solar systems – and why maintaining them is a necessity – like never before.


Why is the maintenance of solar panels as important as learning how are solar panels installed?


You get them installed and you forget them – that’s not how machines work. They require maintenance and a solar system is no different.


Although the maintenance of solar panels is not expensive, it still doesn’t mean that they won’t demand your attention at all.


Some eye-opening reasons why maintenance is as important as learning how are solar panels installed are listed below.


  • Solar panels that aren’t cleaned for 3 months generate about 40% less power than the panels that are cleaned from time to time.
  • When solar panels have dirt and debris on their surface, sunlight doesn’t hit their surface directly. The result is the same – the power generation efficiency drops significantly.
  • Solar systems that do not work at their maximum efficiency generate less power. As a result, your electricity bill won’t drop as much as you expected it to when you got the solar system installed in the first place.
  • Not cleaning a solar system periodically will affect the lifespan of the system as well.

Now that you know why cleaning and maintaining solar panels is as important as learning how solar panels are installed, the recent austra solar reviews also reveal the same, it’s about time we walk you through the most effective ways to maintain them.

Top 4 ways to maintain solar panels


  1. Use water to keep the dirt away


Always remember – water is their best friend. You can use a hosepipe to wash away the dirt from the surface of solar panels. Even if you can’t do it daily, washing away dirt from their surface once a week is more than enough.


If you’re based at some place where there’s construction going on nearby, you might want to call professionals to clean the solar panels once or twice a month.


  1. Don’t scrub the surface of solar panels, EVER


When we said use water, we meant just water.


Using harsh soaps and chemicals to clean solar panels or scrubbing their surface to remove dirt or bird droppings is the worst thing to do. Scratches will reduce their efficiency.


Leave the intricate and rigorous cleaning to experts.


  1. Count on experts, always


Solar experts use long (4″ to 5″) soft-bristle brushes and the right solutions to clean the surface of solar panels in the most gentle but effective way.


They have the right pieces of equipment to get rid of bird dropping as well.


Experts keep an eye on the overall health of the solar system – any mechanical or electrical fault needs to be mended by professionals only. Besides, a solar system isn’t just panels, there are solar inverters, combiner boxes, cables, MC4 connectors, and so much more.


Leave the overall maintenance at the hands of professionals. Never ignore these periodic checks.


  1. Don’t try to dismantle the panels yourself


Whether you’re planning to move to a new place or extend the capacity of the solar system, don’t dismantle solar panels on your own.


As already mentioned, a solar system comprises many components, each as delicate and complex as the other. Let experts do the work. You can hire one of the best solar companies in Florida to dismantle your panels carefully.


Cookie tips on maintaining a solar system


You know the major things to do in order to maintain your solar system. You also know why maintenance is just as important as learning how are solar panels installed.


But, there are still some additional tips that we would want you to know.

These might look like minor things, but in the long run, they will have a lot of effect. Have a look.

  • Make sure you remove cobwebs, if any, from the inverter’s surface.
  • Always keep the solar inverter in a moisture-free place.
  • Don’t let tree branches cast shadows on the panels. Trim the branches from time to time. Shadows reduce the efficiency of solar panels.

Why is switching to solar necessary?

We’ve already explained why maintenance is as important as learning how are solar panels installed. Now, we’d also like to shed some light on why switching to solar energy is important.

Climatic changes that the world is observing are alarming.

Whether it’s the recent floods in Pakistan and Bangalore, chaotic monsoon in Uttarakhand, landslides in Himachal Pradesh, wildfires in Australia, depletion of the ozone layer in Europe, heat waves in the US, or ozone pollution in the Arctic that’s causing the glaciers to melt and affecting the wildlife, everything is stemming from carbon emissions.

The use of fossil fuels is the flagbearer of carbon emissions and solar energy is the answer to putting the genie of pollution back in its bottle.

Did you know that installing a 1KW solar system equals planting 15 trees? Imagine how rapidly solar power can balance the scales if deployed at a large scale globally.

Waiting till fossil fuels are all exhausted isn’t the wise thing to do. Go solar now and you can be the planet’s hero by reducing your carbon footprint – as they say, charity begins from home!


It’s important to know how to maintain solar panels as well as learn how are solar panels installed.

And we hope we have supplied you with all the information and enough inspiration to go solar.

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