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Jigsaw puzzles are not new. These have been in existence since the 18th century and have come a long way from the hand-cut wooden educational instruments to becoming a big industry that has been tapping kids, teens, and adults alike. 


One of the popular studies, known as the MacArthur studies, establishes that neurocognitive disorders like mild cognitive impairment and dementia are some real challenges that plague society at large. And involving oneself in activities that challenge one’s cognitive abilities can help in reducing the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia later in life. 


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Also, when engaged in putting the jigsaw puzzle together, both the left and the right hemispheres of your brain get to work. Where the left side is the logical, reasoning, or analytical side that gets triggered by problem-solving, the right side sees things holistically. Being intuitive and one that desires randomness, the right side of the brain too gets to work with its creative thinking when putting together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. 


Thus, with both the hemispheres at work when putting together the jigsaw puzzle, it improves connection between the brain cells. This helps in improving the ability to learn, memorize, and understand things. 


Additionally, jigsaw puzzles serve you with the lone time you need to connect with yourself and successful completion of the puzzle produces dopamine. This further enhances learning and memory. 


This article talks about some of the advanced puzzles for adults that help them to enhance their problem-solving skills. 

Advanced Puzzles for Adults 

1. Bgraamiens Blooming Color Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are looking for mental puzzles for adults that put your reasoning abilities to a tough time, go for Bgraamiens Blooming Color Jigsaw Puzzle. As the name suggests, there are a number of colorful petals that make this puzzle, each having a minimum of two colors. Not only this, each petal is made of a different color combination which makes this jigsaw puzzle complex to solve. 


The Blooming Color design that comes out is illustrated by the artist Kudryashka and is a type of Mandala art form. Further, its asymmetry makes it challenging and complex to solve.


Finally, the completed puzzle measures 26.6 x 26.6 inches and helps you relax at the same time hone your problem-solving skills. 

2.  CubicFun 3D Puzzle for Adults 

Another jigsaw puzzle that will challenge your cognitive skills is the CubicFun 3D puzzle for adults. This 3D puzzle has 293 pieces which when put together form into the Notre Dame de Paris, the landmark of Paris. 


Creating a replica of one of the masterpieces of the world is not only stress-relieving and fun, but also cognitively demanding as it requires thinking and reasoning to put the pieces together. 


This makes for the best puzzles for adults for another reason. One of its features is the movable wall that can be opened to see the interior of the complete church as well as the rose windows. It gives you such a real-life experience that makes you feel that you’re actually roaming about in this iconic church itself. 


Since it’s a 3D puzzle, you can also keep it in your home or office as a decorative piece. 

3. Moruska Round Jigsaw Puzzle

Moruska Round Jigsaw Puzzle is a zodiac horoscope puzzle and is another great puzzle for adults. Designed by the artist Raphael, this is a 500-piece puzzle, it’s a constellation circular puzzle that enhances your cognitive abilities and is fun to put together at the same time. 


Further, it’s a great way to connect with family and friends and acts as a stress buster whenever overwhelmed with life and its stressors. In addition to this, the puzzle box contains a poster of the design that you can get back to whenever you find it challenging to put the pieces together. 

4. HUADA Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults

This HORADADA jigsaw puzzle is a 1000-piece puzz;e that is made out of non-toxic, recyclable, and long-lasting paper. The puzzle pieces fit in really well with each other, making it easy for you to carry it without the worry of losing the pieces. 


In addition to this, the puzzle comes with a poster that you can refer to solve the puzzle. Being cognitively challenging, it’s a great way to enhance your problem-solving ability, logical thinking, and bond over it with family and friends. 

5. Bits and Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults 

Bits and Pieces is the jigsaw puzzle manufacturer that has been making challenging jigsaw puzzles for the past 30 years. This jigsaw puzzle for adults is a 500-piece puzzle that is known as the Frank’s Friendly Service and is designed by the artist Kay Lamb Shanon. 


The puzzle is both fun and educational and measures 9.41 x 9.29 inches when completed. 

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