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Health Card

With India’s expenditure towards healthcare at a miniscule 1.28% of the GDP, a majority of Indians are left out of various social healthcare security schemes. While the government has taken necessary initiatives with schemes like Ayushman Bharat, a sizable portion of the populace remains exposed to fund shortage during medical emergencies. Plus, state-of-of the-art treatment facilities largely stay out of bounds for many.

In this case, it is plausible that innovative financing solutions like health cards be accessible to individuals. Financial institutions bring these cards to make immediate financing available to all irrespective of their economic status.

Premium health card benefits thereby include assistance via urgent funding and deferring these expenses to a long term for easy repayment.

With a convenient online application process, you can gain access to the card with minimum hassle.

Digital health EMI card – Top 5 benefits

  1. Sizeable funding with a pre-approved limit

Lending institutions like Bajaj Finserv bring their Health EMI Network Card with a high-value, pre-approved credit limit. Customers of the health card can pay for treatments, surgeries, pharmacy bills and other healthcare services of up to Rs.4 lakh with the card.

As one of the typical health card benefits, the funding amount can prove to be of critical assistance when seeking medical services at state-of-the-art healthcare facilities like multi-speciality hospitals.

This credit limit allows Bajaj Finserv customers to utilise 4 times of the funds they can via their EMI Network Card.

  1. Instant access to funds via quick approval

Emergency medical circumstances demand immediate financing, which can often range on the higher side as per the situation’s severity. Under such scenarios, it is not possible for an individual to go through a lengthy application procedure when they need additional funding.

Options like a health EMI network card thus come off as a suitable funding resort with their quick approval facility. With zero paperwork requirements, completely digital processing, existing customers of the lender can go for a health card apply process with a near certainty of instant approval. They only need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

All applicants need to do is provide their mobile number registered with the institution and proceed to check their pre-approved credit limit. They can access these funds after making a nominal payment.

Once they apply for the health card and have made the payment, they can view their digital health EMI network card on the company’s wallet app and utilise it to make necessary payments.

  1. A wide range of partner healthcare facilities

These cards are typically favoured because of the extensive range of treatment facilities that issuing financial institutions provide under their network as a health card benefit. Thus, finding a clinic, hospital or pharmacy that accepts your health card is not a challenge. You can also make payment of diverse medical bills irrespective of whether they are for treatment, diagnosis, medicines, or any other consultation.

For instance, if you hold a Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card, you can avail healthcare services at more than 5,000 medical facilities, hospitals and pharmacies they have partnered with. Plus, these stores and facilities are spread across more than 1,000 cities in India.

  1. One card for the entire family

Another remarkable health card benefit that you can enjoy is that of financing the medical care needs of your family with just one card. A family-wide coverage makes it a simpler and more efficient means to fund medical emergencies than an insurance plan, which conversely requires each family member to have a separate card to be effective.

You can thus fund any medical assistance required for your parents, spouse, children or siblings along with those of your own.

  1. Utility across a range of treatments, surgeries and assistance

Health cards can be utilised for a range of surgeries, treatments and consultations. Thus, apart from the hospital bills, you can also use the card to pay for various other procedures, treatments and diagnosis.

These can include –

  • Cardiac surgery.
  • General surgery.
  • Bariatric surgery.
  • Dental care.
  • Oncology treatments.
  • Homeopathic treatments.
  • Cosmetic treatments and surgeries.
  • IVF treatments.
  • Maternity care.

These are but just a few examples, with scope to finance many more treatments and consultations.

In stark contrast with health insurance policies, these cards also allow you to meet the financing needs for treatment and diagnosis of various ailments not covered under the former. Thus, even if an individual holds a health insurance plan, he/she can finance the treatment or diagnosis of non-insured ailments.

Plus, cardholders can also avail various offers including deals and discounts at their partner stores or healthcare facilities. After completing the health card apply process, choose a suitable tenor for easy EMI payment. With the best health card providers, this tenor can go up to 24 months, allowing for affordable instalment payment.

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