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Are you looking for Best Free Camera App for Android then you are in right place This collection includes applications for photo and video, which stand out among the mass of similar programs from Google Play. Some of them are captivated by the number of settings, others – by non-standard functions. But they can all replace or at least supplement the standard camera on your device.

 here is list of Best Free Camera App for Android 

  1. Candy Camera

The craze for selfie led to the appearance of specially sharpened for this program. The most important thing here is for the process to be quick, and the result to be effective. Therefore, no painstaking picking in the shutter speed settings or white balance in the Candy Camera is not provided.

But in the application, there is a mode of photographing, which makes a series of frames a collage. In addition, many filters are available in Candy Camera, working in real time. So you can immediately see the result of their application. Special tools bleach the skin, hide its shortcomings, and apply makeup. For additional registration of works in the program, there is a huge amount of designer labels. Download from Play Store.

  1. Open Camera

This camera is Best Free Camera App for Android  impresses by the mismatch between the number of supported functions and the size of the application, which hardly exceeds one megabyte. Among the possibilities of Open Camera – automatic stabilization, adjusting the frame rate and bit rate of video, HDR, the choice of audio channels, face recognition, batch photography, the imposition of dates, coordinates, and many other functions.

The decisive advantage in favor of Open Camera is also completely free of this application and the lack of any advertising. But if you really like the program, you can make a payment inside of it to thank the developer.

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  1. Manual Camera

Manual Camera has access to the advanced camera features embedded in the Android system. As a result, with this program, you can fine-tune the shooting: adjust the focus, ISO, white balance, shutter speed, exposure compensation and other parameters. This, of course, should appeal to advanced amateur photographers who are able and like to tinker with different settings when photographing.

However, because of its specifics, the application is not compatible with all gadgets, so it’s worthwhile to find out this issue using a special utility. Download from Play Store.

  1. Cymera

In some of the cameras we reviewed, there is a built-in photo editor, but its availability, as a rule, is purely nominal. In Cymera, this component is almost the most important element of the program. Yes, there are a number of interesting functions in the camera, for example, automatic creation of collages right in the process of filming or several instant filters, as in Candy. But the real value of Cymera lies in the editor.

Here you can quickly apply auto-correction, simply indicating the program that is imprinted on the photo (portrait, landscape, food, text). Or completely immerse yourself in the manual editing mode, which includes a huge number of different effects, settings, frames, overlaid applications and texts. Download Here.

  1. Horizon Camera

In this application, there are no detailed settings for the image or the built-in editor. But it solves common problems with the orientation of the device. Remember how you recorded video in portrait mode, forgetting to turn the gadget or pouring horizon during photography. So, Horizon is insurance against such situations. The program uses a gyroscope to always shoot the camera in a horizontal mode, no matter how you turn the Smartphone. Download Now.

Bonus: Snap Camera HDR

A Fast HDR camera experience with regular updates and new features added all the time. This camera app takes two photos at different exposures and combines them to make one HDR photo. Download Snap Camera HDR Pro APK for taking the benefits from this awesome app. You can use this camera for your photography and it’s a paid app but you can use it by downloading from my sharing links.

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In this review, we tried to collect a variety of cameras for Android-devices. Fans of open software will prefer Open Camera, fans of non-standard solutions will surely be attracted to Horizon, and experienced photographers can try Manual Camera. We did not ignore the lovers of glamour and beauty, which, we hope, will be useful for Candy Camera and Cymera.this are the 5  Best Free Camera App for Android hope you like the article

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