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Visit In China

China is one of the largest countries in the world by area. It’s in East Asia with around 1.4 billion people from varied countries residing. You can call it a home to the largest economy in the world.

China has a lot of cultural heritage along with its modern technology and prosperous economy. It has a lot of historical sites which are worth seeing. The city culture is also unmatched. You can stay in five-star hotels or visit ancient holy places. Let’s look at the best places to visit in China.

Leshan Giant Buddha

It is a 71-meter long statue of Buddha. It is entirely carved in stone and is an essential sculpture for the people of China. You can easily visit it from Chengdu city. It is a magical feeling when you stand there and see the statue reach far above you. 

You can take a ferry to reach this place from the Leshan docks. Right in front of the figure is a majestic river which adds to the beauty. The park in which the statue is present is worth visiting itself. You can explore the park after seeing the statue.

The Great Wall Of China

wall of china

It is an ancient and significant monument for the Chinese. Its almost 6000 meters long and stretches from Shanhaiguan in the east to the western Jiayuguan. Its average height is six to eight meters, and it is wide enough for ten people walk side by side.

 You can access the Wall from many places. Badaling Pass is the most popular section of the Wall; don’t forget to get clicked to there. However, just keep in mind that many social media apps and websites do not work in China. You will need an application that provides VPN For China to freely access the internet in the country.

Classical Gardens Of Suzhou

Classical Gardens Of Suzhou

It is a lovely historic garden which also has a place in the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. Present in the city of Suzhou, these beautiful gardens was set up way back in the 12th century. 

The garden has an elaborate pool, a human-made hill, many eye-catching buildings, and a lovely pathway. The walls of the path have a lot of stone tablets with Chinese characters engraved in it. The must-see places here are the Garden of Lingering and the Garden of Cang Lang Pavilion.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace

Almost at a fifteen-minute drive from Beijing, lies the mighty Summer Palace. There is a large lake, too, which adds to the beauty of the Palace. It was built in 1153. It is present in a parkland which spreads almost 700 acres.

 Inside the Palace, you can see The Hall of Well-Being and the Great Theatre. It has beautiful pathways and many picturesque walking trails. Many Chinese musical events and other performances still take place here. It is a must-see place in China. 

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is present at the center of Beijing. It has the largest building in China, The Imperial Palace. Many ancient Chinese rulers used to live here. The city has a ten-meter wall around it along with multiple watchtowers.

 A lot of other crucial buildings like the Temple Of Heaven and Tiananmen Square are also present here. A lot of ceremonies and administrative functions also take place here. It is spread in almost 7,20,000 square meters. It will take you a long time to see and explore everything here.

Apart from the above places, there are many other places worth visiting in China as it is a vast country. So pack your bags and book a vacation to China as soon as possible.


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