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5 Best SBI Credit Cards

Are you looking for Best SBI Credit Cards then you are in right place  SBI ranks among the popular Indian banks that house an array of credit cards that are customer centric with numerous benefits. They are completely reliable with simple process for use along with easy payment schemes. The cards provided by SBI can be categorized into factions which include shopping cards, premium cards, travel cards, exclusive cards, and last but not the least classic cards. Each of these cards are available with exclusive services such as free tickets for movie, facilities for lounge access, flexible payments for EMIs, payment for online bills, etc.

So, if you have been planning on getting yourself a  best SBI credit card, listed below are some of the best ones from the lot.

1-SBI Platinum Credit Card:

This particular credit card falls under the premium category with numerous options to shop in departmental stores, dining, as well as international purchases. Apart from this, it gives you allowance for cash withdrawal of 18,000 INR from Visa ATM’s as well as 10,000 INR from the SBI ATM’s anywhere in India. For SMS alert, you can subscribe with the bank to get instant access to the status of your credit card, payment confirmations, and mini statement. If you have just applied for a credit card, you can check your SBI credit card application status at the bank’s official website.

2-SBI Signature Card:

SBI’s Signature Card ranks mostly among the expensive deals. However, it comes with an array of benefits that make up for the costly affair. For every bill payment, tickets booked or any other transactions, you earn yourself point that can be redeemed later for purchase. The cash withdrawal limit is similar to the platinum card. The interest charge for this credit card is about 3.35 percent per month.

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3-SBI Gold Card:

SBI Gold Card has been designed for the customers willing to sign-up for a reasonable affair for bill payments. It might not come  with a lot of rewards but it surely has some benefits. It can easily be used in more than 24 million shopping outlets anywhere in the globe which includes 3,25,000 INR Indian outlets. With its option for flexible payment, you can easily pay off with the easy monthly payment options.

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4-Yatra SBI Credit Card:

The Yatra SBI Credit Card has been tagged as the credit card that can be used for international shopping while out on tour or holidays. You can avail amazing discounts by using this debit card for booking your holiday trips. Apart from travelling options, this card can also be used for other utilities such as bill payment for insurance, electricity, telephone, etc. If you need to know the status of your card, you can simply log in to the official website of the bank and look for the SBI credit card tracking option.

5-Air India SBI Platinum Card:

The Air India SBI Platinum Card is perfect for the users who travel frequently either for family trips or official work. The card allows many discounts to be availed for traveling purpose as well as payment of bills along with purchasing things at departmental stores.

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