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Divorce is one of the most disheartening processes people can endure, if or not people have the help of an attorney. It does not only divide a family but brings up a lot of mixed emotions and leads people to make common mistakes which may end up hurting their position in the case and affects their future. This article deals with the common mistakes that people should be aware of when divorcingthat can derail settlement discussions, negotiations, mediation and the collaborative process.


  1. Dating and new long-term relationships – Before getting divorced, when one of the spouses starts dating or begins a new long-term relationship, the other spouse, even if he/she wanted the divorce, may not be emotionally prepared for that. There is no such law that prohibits a person who is divorcing from dating or engaging in a new long-term relationship, but this can become a major obstacle in getting divorced. It does not only have a mental and emotional impact on children but also leads to unwanted situations within the divorce process. It is wise to be patient and wait for some time.


  1. Transferring funds out of joint accounts – It is often seen that one divorcing spouse transfers funds from joint accounts to individual accounts just prior to or after filing a divorce case without notifying the other spouse. This is one of the major mistakes people make while divorcing. Such situations lead to tension and mistrust. The damage caused by those situations can’t be undone. Therefore, one must notify the other spouse before taking such steps and should be able to show that the funds are safe and won’t be utilized without consent.


  1. Bad mouthing one’s spouse to one’s children – People often get angry, frustrated, and hurt by their spouse and the divorce. But they should never talk badly about their spouse to their children. While doing this they would end up hurting their children and their rights in future custody cases as well. If they find themselves wanting to rant about their spouse, they should make sure to do this with the ones whom they can trust and NOT with their children.


  1. Engaging children in the dispute – People should not involve their children in the disputes between them and their spouse – they do not need to know “the truth”. Children have the right to be children and not be part of parental disputes nor exposed to adult issues and discussions. This can widely affect them mentally and emotionally as these situations may be difficult for them to adapt to. This can even potentially affect the proceeding of the case and they may end up losing the custody of their children. So, don’t get them involved.


  1. Overspending on credit cards – People should avoid spending money and charging credit cards. People should be wise, reasonable and smart regarding such spending.




Divorce should come out with mutual understanding. Each and every decision should be made peacefully so that it doesn’t affect the lives of both.

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