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cardboard packaging

Printing mistakes in cardboard packaging are not only embarrassing but also costs the businesses a handsome sum of money. Every manufacturer in the market would have experienced the printing faux at some point. Very few companies can get it right, and even if you have done it right. There is always room for improvement to make your packaging stand apart. Make sure that the printed text or graphics on your product packaging is spot-on. To avoid the most common errors while printing your product packaging, briefly look out at the following guide.

Using ink with inappropriate pH:

Many a manufacturer does not pay much heed while selecting the inks to print on the custom box. They select the inks having too low or high pH, which ruin all their hard work. The pH of your ink is an important aspect of printing because it will determine how well the ink will be absorbed. It also ascertains how instantly or slowly the inks will be drying. If the ink is drying too rapidly or too slowly, it is often a sign that the pH of your ink is inappropriate. Make sure to maintain the ink at the correct pH to avoid uneven appearances of the images or any other printed stuff. Going with an incorrect pH will cause streaky lines, spotty appearances, and some other issues in your printed design. To avoid this issue, maintain the pH of your ink at a constant level because any kind of variation in the pH will lead to inconsistent designs.

Adopting the RGB color model:

Preferring the RGB color model over the CMYK is a great mistake many manufacturers make. You should be mindful that RGB and CMYK are two different color models. They might overlap sometimes, but they have different color ranges due to which you cannot produce a similar color in both ranges. If you make the mistake of designing in RGB, your design may look different in print than it is on the screen. No doubt, the RGB color model can be used to create a variety of different colors, but it cannot produce all types of colors such as saturated cyan and yellow, etc. So, if you are selecting the RGB color model, you are probably out of the competition in the market. Select the CMYK color model as it provides you with more diversity. It is a mixture of four colors, and by fusing them, any kind of color according to your choice can be obtained.

Wrong specifications:

One of the most common mistakes that are repeated time and again by the marketers is selecting the wrong specifications. While printing the cheap cardboard boxes. Choosing the wrong specifications will cost you a lot of money as you will have to start the process again from the beginning, which will require money. Not just that, but you will also lose a lot of time in this process due to which you might not be able to compete again in the competitive market. The specifications decided that the printing box must be double-checked to avoid this kind of scenario. You may choose the best designer in the world for printing your cardboard packages but going with the wrong specifications will not help your cause. For instance, if you have set the wrong resolutions, the printed images will appear pixelated, due to which you will look highly unprofessional.

Copying the artwork:

Copying the artwork of some other competing brands is a great mistake that can hurt you very badly. Many a marketer does that which is ethically as well as professionally very wrong. When we talk about the artwork, it is not bad to take inspiration from some famous brands but copying them exactly is a big blunder. The modernized customers are very smart, and it does not take much time for them to figure out that your design is copied. The artwork has the potential to tell the story about your brand without even looking into further details. So, it would be highly beneficial for you to select your own artwork to differentiate yourself in the competitive market. Select an artwork that is matching the theme of your brand and the overall ambiance you want to offer and come up with an appealing artwork that makes you stand out.

Not leaving a safety zone:

This is the most common mistake during the printing process, which is often ignored by many companies. You must understand that when a cut can be made outside the line. There is a probability that it can be made inside the line as well. Putting the abstract patterns at the edges of your custom packages is completely fine. But if you are printing some important details. You need to print it inside the safety zone so that it might not cut away. According to some experts, leaving a 3mm margin around the edge of your work.  The best option to go with. You can also consult with a professional printer in this regard.

In a nutshell, there are various common mistakes which is being repeated by the marketers while printing the cardboard packaging. Often, they use ink having inappropriate pH, which results in uneven and spotty appearances. Using the RGB color model is another mistake they make. For efficient printing, you need to avoid all the aforementioned mistakes.

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