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Post COVID-19, the entire world has turned into a digital market, for work, studies, shopping, and even dating. People did take their time to adapt to this change in their lives alongside the criminals who started to enhance their skills in scamming people digitally. The reports have shown a six – times increase in online fraud by 2017. Thus, despite immense security and precautionary measures, the scammers – criminals are being successful in accomplishing their goal. There is always a purpose behind what people do. Likewise, the scammers’ purpose is their personal interest. 

The Claimers is a perfect website for its users to further identify and find out the reasons scammers perform illicit activities by grasping the knowledge of the types of frauds they perform. Moreover, their customer care is so on point, while trying the get more information about scams, I reached out to them and they provided me with so much factual and informative data – which is also available in writing on their website. 

  1. Financial Fraud

Bread is the source of life that makes people forget their sleep and comfort. However, in the case of scammers, it makes them forget their boundaries. The criminals set traps for the innocent victims so that their bank balance can be improved enough to fulfill their desires. They use several personal, domestic, social, and unavoidable reasons to make the victim give them hold of their money. Thus, they leave when their personal interests are fulfilled. 

  1.  Personal Information theft

The identity of an individual is hidden and carved inside the personal information such as their social media handles, bank accounts, and personal legal papers. The scammer is aware of the significance of the personal information of victims and threatens their identity as well as integrity. The victims are prisoned because of their protection desires, letting the scammer use them.

  1. Compel Victims to get involved in Unlawful Actions

The Scammers use different tricks to make victims left with no choice but to be part of their team, involved in unauthorized activities, and threaten the safety and security of individuals. Blackmailing, using the identity of the victims, and using their financial privilege – along with other factors, are the most common threats to the victims’ names, compelling them to follow criminals’ instructions.   

  1. Fake identity

People are not how they seem, this theory is valid practically, then how come it can not be utilized digitally? Frauding people digitally is much easier compared to practical life, therefore, trusting the people we meet online should be a bigger concern of each and every user of online dating websites and apps. People create fake profiles using fake pictures and descriptions along with social statuses to attract an audience. The more the audience, the trapping becomes easier due to more options. 

  1. Hacking Personal Accounts

The most adverse threat to an individual’s identity is hacking their personal social media accounts along with their personal space. A person is the most vulnerable in their personal accounts, skills, photos, contacts and confidential information are saved in their private accounts. Getting access to their private space means having full control over the victims, understanding ways of manipulating and controlling them. Later, scammers use that trick for personal interest.
Someone once told me, the more you know about a certain topic, the deeper understanding you have of it. If we get to know more about scams, we can stay away from them and save our hard-earned money from scammers, I believe the best place to start is The Claimers. Their blog material is so useful, informative, and educational when it comes to learning all there is to know about scams. You won’t have to look elsewhere if you’ve gotten scammed because The Claimers are one of the best funds recovery companies out there.

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