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5 Common Writing Mistakes You Should Stop Making5 Common Writing Mistakes You Should Stop Making

We’re all trying to write the perfect article, story, blog, or whatever. We consult blogs and books, but writing isn’t a science. While it can be learnt, what makes a piece of writing great is the value it adds. As long as you’re writing something that adds to the life of the reader, you’re always going to have a great article. Getting the message across can be harder than it seems, often resulting in bad writing. So, while there can never be a complete article, you avoid mistakes that bring down the quality of your writing.

Common Writing Mistakes To Avoid:

1.    The Introduction is too Long:

Your introduction is crucial to your content. Your first line is what is either going to hook a reader or put them off. It shows the reader a glimpse of what is to come and keep them interested in reading the rest of the article. So, the introduction cannot be paragraphs long.

A large block of text is bound to turn off the reader, however impressive the article itself is. The ideal limit for an introduction would be around 100 words. They will determine the readership you gain for the actual material of your article.

2.    There’s No Conclusion:

Could you imagine a speech with no conclusion? No, we expect all statements to end with an impactful end. Conclusions are essential because they not only concisely sum up the article, but help it stick in your mind. If you read through a great article, only to be left hanging in the end… you’re not going to remember it.

If you’re having trouble writing a conclusion, a great way to do so is to try and answer the question ‘so what?’. Why is the content relevant to the reader? What should they take away from it? And why should they come back to you for more?

Another helpful tip would be to imagine yourself speaking out your conclusion to an audience. If you feel like you could ‘drop the mic’ after your last sentence, the chances are that you’ve written a great conclusion.

3.    Too Much Filler Content

We have all made the cardinal sin of writing filler content. While a few sentences in your whole piece is not going to detract from the quality of your article, adding paragraphs to increase your word count definitely will. Your content is meant to add value to your reader’s life, and adding meaningless sections is going to turn a reader off your article.

4.    You’re Making Basic Grammar Mistakes:

There is a certain level of error you can get away with in writing. A layman is never going to be put off by the mistakes that aren’t common. Slang and informal language are acceptable in writing, as long as you’re still keeping the basics in mind. Nobody is perfect at grammar, but you can sign up for the Grammarly free trial account to rectify grammar errors in no time.

5.    You’re not Editing:

No writer has ever published a first draft. A first draft is meant for ideas and thoughts; it’s a rough draft. By editing and rewriting your text even once, you’re polishing the writing and bringing a flow to the writing that may not have existed before. Your first draft is never going to be the best, and neither is your second. Edit your articles, and you’re guaranteed to see a difference in quality.

More Tips for Writing a Great Article:

  1. Read, Read, and Read Some More:

Research is always going to make your writing better. Not only will you be able to gain insight into how to write, but about the subject itself. Research is essential to writing something interesting and informative. If you’ve done your research, you’re bound to write something of value, and that’s already a pretty great article!

  1. Outline your Article:

Making a quick outline of your article can go a long way in helping curate a great article. Not only will you be jotting down an appropriate train of thought but the points that you want to highlight. This helps with polishing the material and having all your most important points highlighted.

Final Verdict

Writing is an art form, but like any art, it takes practice to perfect. This being said, we hope the article helped you understand the common mistakes to avoid. And remember, as long as you’re adding value to your reader’s life, you can’t go wrong.


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