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5 Components of an Efficient Team Collaboration Tool

You are here, which means, we are safe to assume that you and your team know the importance of using a team collaboration tool for enhancing productivity but don’t know how to choose or which tool suits you the best. So, to find the right fit, IT leaders/decision-makers need to understand the essential components of team collaboration platforms and their benefits.

Generally, the components of a team collaboration tool should consist of team messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and calendar sharing, etc to create an efficient collaborative environment. 

The Five Components of a Efficient Team Collaboration tool are:

  • The tool should integrate communication and collaboration features to meet the business needs. It should provide ease-of-access to all communication and collaboration between team members across their devices (web, mobile, desktop).
  • The tool should facilitate switching between different features without disruption, such as escalating a chat session into a quick voice/video call with a few clicks.
  • Essentially, collaboration platforms should bring social collaboration/networking capabilities such as messaging (public and private) and file sharing to team workflows. They should be able to manage/store all documents (shared and uploaded), chat conversations and other/any information in one place. Thus, improving collaboration efficiency and effectiveness for teams of various sizes and needs.
  • A team collaboration should have audio/video conferencing at all costs. This feature would be quite helpful in the current remote working environment. Email exchanges don’t enhance collaboration, hence audio and visual cues are very important.
  • Any collaboration can happen only if there is a secure way of sharing files. Also, file sharing capabilities should vary based on the roles and responsibilities of your team members. Thus, multi-authentication, role-based access and data encryption are a must.
  • Time and accuracy of information sharing are essential for success in a team collaboration environment. Your team collaboration tool must-have instant messaging features. This enables real-time messaging between team members.This helps in providing streamlined/contextualized communication, unlike emails exchanges.

One such example of an efficient team collaboration solution is Workspaces by Zapoj. It has all the above features and more as given below:


  • For Teams


  • Team Messaging 
  • Shared Drive
  • Conference Rooms (Audio/Video)
  • Shared Calendar 
  • Project Management
  • Access Controls 


  • Channels for Messaging


  • Announcement 
  • Public
  • Private


  • For Individual Team Members


  • Direct Messages 
  • Personal Drive
  • Team Calendar 
  • Calls 
  • Instant Groups Creation


  • Security Features


  • Multi-Authentication
  • Role-based Access
  • Data Encryption 


  • Available on – Web (App), Mobile (App) and Desktop (App)



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