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Wondering what documents you need to make a claim for worker’s compensation? We can help.

If you need to file a claim for compensation because something happened at work, you are already at your wits’ end. The last thing you want to have to deal with is filing paperwork, completing forms, and ensuring that the judge has all your paperwork in one place. However, skip this crucial step in your worker’s compensation claim after an injury and you could find yourself with a low-ball offer from an insurer that thinks you are easily forgotten.

If you want your claim for compensation after a work injury to go smoothly, there are certain steps you can take. Sure, paperwork is a big part of this, but so are other factors. Ensuring you collect evidence and gather witnesses contact details is one thing, but as to the rest, you might need to call for help.

The 5 Crucial Work Injury Claim Documents to Help Your Case

The first thing you ought to do if you are filing for workers compensation, is to hire a specialist lawyer like this workers comp attorney in Oregon. A specialist is an expert in that area of law and can help your case best. Otherwise, here are the five crucial pieces of paperwork you must have to hand if you want your claim to be successful. 

1 – Form 801: Report of Job Injury or Illness Form

This is the first form you fill in if you have had an accident or suffered an illness due to work. Make sure you are safe, that you have seen a doctor, and that you have gathered your evidence. After that, request form 801 from your workplace and fill it in. This is a simple form that records the time, date, and nature of the accident.

2 – Form 827: Worker’s and Health Care Provider’s Report for Workers Compensation Claims

This second form comes from your health care provider. This allows them to support your accident, injury, or illness, with medical knowledge. They can affirm what your malady is so that there is a record of the exact nature of your illness. While form 801 tells them you hurt yourself and where, it does not tell adjudicators what exactly is wrong with you as a result. This form clears that up.

3 – Recovery Journal

Although not an essential form, this key piece of literature documents what happened to you and how you recovered from it. A day-by-day blow of how your accident impacts your life helps to give the insurer an accurate overview of how much the accident has changed your life. This can then allow them to portion a cash sum to your pain and suffering.

4 – Form 2223a

If the insurance claim does not go in your favor, you can use form 223a to have your case reviewed. The criteria for a closed case to go through reconsideration include things like the temporary disability dates, ratings of permanent or partial disabilities and premature closures. 

5 – Form 3921

If you must travel all over the country for meetings and assessments, you should not have to fit the bill for it. Completing form 3921 allows you to file for those travel expenses to come back to you. 

As you can see, the paperwork for worker’s injury claims in Oregon is a lawyer’s business.

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