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Searching the internet and look for online shopping just to know the Water Tank Price. Why worry? This article will alter all your problems with a few branded Water Tanks names and features. You will get to know all the ranges approximated ideas and you can easily buy them online without any hassles.

Overview of Water tanks buying guide

When you plan to buy water tanks you must understand their quality material and what purpose you want to use the. For commercial purposes, you can use Steel Tanks. For household purposes, you can pick plastic water containers having 1000 liters of storage capacity. They must have a feature that water stays pure for more than 2 days and doesn’t produce any kind of bacteria in then. The rays of the sun don’t affect the container. Because sun rays in harsh form can produce various bacteria or other micro-organisms. there multiple layers of tanks that work more perfectly. they have great shield layers to keep for safe and pure. So, it harshly recommended keeping these factors in mind. Now we’ll be focusing on the branded water tanks and their prices. The water tank price online is more affordable to buy and comprises all the features.

Water Tank Price for different brands

Sheetal King Water Tank

These Water Tank Price usually starts from Rs.2,500 and have all the varieties and ranges available. They have all features available like:

  1. No chance of leakage
  2. Molded for a seamless look
  3. Rustproof
  4. Color Availability: White
  5. Lightweight

It’s a popular brand because of its white color theme and have dustproof product of tanks and triple layers are most popular in its brand.

Sintex Water Tank

These Water Tank Price usually starts from Rs.1,500 and goes above then this all depends on needs and how many liters containers you want to buy. The features make them famous are:

  1. 5 colors available: Green, white, black, yellow and blue
  2. All types of layer tanks are available the most popular is 2 layers tank
  3. Dust, UV, and Algae-free water storage.
  4. Extra strong and more durable.
  5. Stylish designs available

The most popular seen in these tanks is the stylish designs they have wide varieties of colors available. So, black and white colors are most popular in buying.

Plasto Water tanks

Water Tank Price usually starts from Rs. 4,150. They are very popular in their shield protection of layers. They have 6 layered containers. Isn’t it enough to say all? The features make them popular are:

  1. 6 Layers availability
  2. Only available in Gold color
  3. The can control water temperature efficiently
  4. More hard, stiff and strong material use in it making

The 6-layer term make them more durable and popular product because it’s every layer perform a separate function and keeps water cool. They are costly but worth it.


Another famous brand for water containers Water Tank Price starts from Rs.2,500. They are poplar in easy installation and longer life that is durability. The feature they include are:

  1. Airtight threaded lid
  2. Insect & dust-free
  3. Made from HDPE Granules
  4. Broader inlet & outlet
  5. They cannot let any color fade in even hype sun rays fall on them

The factor of HDPE granules presence makes it more valuable and worth buying the product.

Ganga For Life

This brand is most popular in its durability, stiffness, and lightweight. The price usually starts from Rs.2,800 and can go beyond this range. But they have additional added features like:

  1. Unbreakable: Tested rigorously
  2. High-Density Polyethylene
  3. Revolutionary Design
  4. High Chemical Resistance

The chemical resistance factors are more matching for customer satisfaction & promote your blog here. So, that’s how it becomes a recognized brand online.

Getinhours is the perfect platform wherein you can get all of the above brands at reasonable costs. Have a great and joyous online shopping.

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