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Video content on social media is the most successful way of digital marketing at present. Many brands are learning the essence of social media video marketing and are joining the trend.

There are several elements to video marketing, be learning how to shoot videos, add subtitles and sound, etc. It can be a hectic task for brands to do the same, hence, they reach out to digital marketing services that specialise in videography and social media marketing. These services are beneficial tools for brands that are trying to tap into the social media marketing realm.

Here are the different types of video content that your brand must have in order to boost your social media engagement and ROI.

Live Videos

Live Videos are real-time videos that are being broadcasted on social media platforms, to an audience. They are highly engaging since an active conversation is taking place between the audience and the broadcaster.

Live videos have gained mass popularity as a video marketing strategy. Users are 3 times more likely to watch Facebook Live videos than pre-recorded videos. Studies have shown that Live Videos will be worth $70.05 billion by 2021.

Brands are slowly incorporating these videos on their social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

Benefits of Live Video

Brands get to directly engage while live streaming with their followers on their social media. There is a personal connection that is being established while streaming with the followers because these users are often viewing content from their homes.

80% of the internet would rather consume live videos than read a blog and 82% of consumers prefer live video content from brands on social media. This indicates that live videos are easily consumable. They take significantly less time to view when compared to articles and lengthy blogs.

With the prioritisation of live content on social media, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram push these videos ahead of other content with algorithms. Instagram also prioritises live video stories above other stories which give brands the added advantage of getting more viewership.

How-to videos and tutorials

A large number of consumers are looking towards social media posts to learn how to use products and services offered by brands. Learning from videos is also a lot easier than reading manuals and guides. Research suggests that 59% of consumers look for social media posts for product demonstrations. Your brand has a huge opportunity to tap into the tutorial and how-to video market.

Your brand’s tutorial and how-to video must be short and concise. The audience loses interest if the videos are ill shot or lengthy. For example, if your brand sells electric kitchen supplies, then you can make a short and informative demonstrative video or tutorial on how the products can be used.

This is an exceptional social media video marketing strategy because these videos will act as a customer service tool for the brand.

Benefits of tutorials

Every consumer is skeptical about making any purchases before testing the product. How-to videos and tutorials make the consumer believe that the product or service does in fact, function perfectly. They are more beneficial since they provide step by step instructions that makes the consumer feel assured about their purchases.

Tutorials also allow brands to showcase the product’s features and benefits. Through these videos, brands can explain their USP and they can convey how their product will satisfy the consumer’s needs.

User-Generated Videos

In order to have a strong relationship between your brand and your consumers, you must acknowledge the consumers’ brand loyalty. User-generated videos are a great way to do the same. In this style of social media video marketing, brands upload videos of consumers using their products as posts.

This strategy suits brands that already have an established, quality line of products who are trying to boost their customer relationship and service. By sharing these videos, followers of the brand on social media get an impression that the brand values their consumers.

These videos are not only highly engaging but also unique in nature. It encourages more consumers of the brands to purchase their items and posts videos using these products.

Benefits of user-generated videos

User-generated content is more trustworthy because it is created by people who enjoy your brand’s products. Followers across ages trust these videos as they give clear and unbiased opinions which are often missing in branded content.

Your brands may find it difficult to cut through all the noise and competition at times. In these situations, user-generated content can help re-engage with consumers. These types of videos for marketing aren’t traditional and don’t sound like sales pitches. They can boost the effectiveness of your brand’s ads since these ads get three times the click-through rate.

Interview and Q&A Videos

Interview videos for social media have one of the largest engagements rates. What makes them special is that they can range from informational style videos to casual, informal sit-down videos.

Social media influencers, leaders of the industry, team members, or consumers can be invited for these interviews and Q&As. In order to make it more engaging, the questions can be collected from followers of your brand through the comment section or by tweets. With this social media video marketing, your brand can answer important consumer questions and exchange ideas that add value to the brand.

Benefits of Q&As and Interview

Hosting such video sessions can be a major benefit to your brand. There is a two-way conversation between the speaker and consumers instead of one-way information overload. The consumers’ questions are prioritised and they receive information that concerns their needs.

These videos for social media are also beneficial in brand promotion. While answering questions about the product, the speaker can link the product to the webinar or video. The video will act as a great selling tool for your brand.

Event Videos

Brands typically organise product launches, promotional events where famous influencers, brand leaders, and consumers can come together and interact. Making videos of such events can be used as a tool on social media.

Teasers showing bits of the event can be highly captivating. Followers of the brands wish to see similar content through the day due to its appeal. They get to have a more realistic view of the brand and its product and services. It is also a great way to connect with your international consumers who can view your events from around the world.

Benefits of event videos

Event videos make your consumers feel included in your events when you share trailers and recaps through YouTube videos, Tweets, and Instagram IGTVs or stories.

By uploading event videos, your brand is also optimising its social media page usage. Video such as these will help your brand frequently post, which will bring in more profile viewers and followers.

In Conclusion

Consumers are always interested in viewing short and effective visual content over written content. The use of sound, lights and good content make up the perfect video that is bound to have higher success rates when compared to a lengthy article.

There are several other types of videos on social media which come with their own set of benefits. Due to COVID19 pandemic, more people are consuming online content from their homes. Brands can use this opportunity to start digitally marketing their companies. Every advertising agency in India is recommending brands to engage in video marketing. They are guiding their clients through the procedure and providing their services for the same. Video marketing is a growing field that is here to stay.

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