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e-commerce Website5 features every e-commerce website should have

There are some common features that every e-commerce website should have and we are listing 5 features that are of utmost important in this article.

So do read the full article thoroughly!

Every website is unique and has its own functions however there are some must haves for every website: –

User Friendly: –

To have a successful business website make sure that it’s easy to use and accessible. It only takes few minutes to be unimpressed for a customer as they judge it by it’s easy accessibility first and then comes anything else.

Ecommerce websites should be a experience of amazement rather than just a troublesome try!

Below are some tips: –

  1. The search functions should be the best at all cost
  1. An effective visual navigation is a must have
  1. All the things should be categorised in a particular way.

Mobile Friendly Website: –

Mobiles are handy easy to carry and owned by the population’s highest proportions so creating a mobile friendly website is what you should focus more on so that your customer can access it anytime, anywhere and at their comfort.

After all mobile has its accountability in 50 % of online transactions.

So creating a responsive website which could be run on any device is a feature of an ecommerce site you shouldn’t mess up with at all.

Trust me it doesn’t matter you have thousand website pages or five creating a mobile friendly and accessible website for your customers can improve your sale as well as the rankings of your site too.

Customer (user) reviews: –

Every customer before buying or trusting site reads a review by the users or customers that have been using your site from a long time

In fact 95 % of the shoppers read reviews.

And 57 % of users only buy a product or use a service only if it have four or up stars.

So, generating reviews from your customers and having a feature to do so is really important.

Literally customers are the source of all your popularity so reviews by them can increase your sale for sure.

You maybe stuck at thought that negative reviews can kill your business but that’s not the case.

However negative reviews makes a new customer to trust you more because if all the reviews are good and is at it’s best point then shoppers would think that the reviews are faked or not true.

Related items: –

You might have seen terms like “related items “or “you might like “in most of the ecommerce site.

And I feel that this is one of the most loved and liked features by the shoppers it helps them to discover more items.

It provides them with a feeling of understanding by your site.

They scroll and scroll discover more, see more products and shop more. This can increase your functionality as well as your sale too.

So having this kind of function or corner is a must have and most suggested one to include.

Security features: –

Online transactions is what prevailing in today’s generation so having special security features that can protect your users privacy isn’t only a must have but also necessary.
So design a safe, accessible and full proof website.

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