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funny or random questions

Normally, kids ask lots of questions. They can be very inquisitive, and that can seem unsettling at times. However, once in a while, you can turn the table on them and do the questioning. You can ask them funny or random questions, whether open or close-ended. 

Consequently, asking your kids questions will help you to know them better and direct them in life. It is an am way to boost their power of critical thinking and makes them feel listened to. Open-ended questions allow your child to answer without being under pressure since the fear of getting it wrong is not there.


  • What activity do you love doing?


This open-ended question will help you know where your child’s interests or values lie. You can streamline the question to know what sports they love, whether they love reading, writing, or volunteering works. You can also ask them what problems they love solving, which is a good indication of how they can help humanity in the nearest future.

Most importantly, listen to them keenly and offer them words of encouragement. In the end, let this be all about listening to them, guiding them, and bonding with them better.


  • What is your happiest memory?


Happy memories are good, and as a parent getting your child to share their happiest memories will sure put a smile on your face. This could also help you know what they loved and if possible recreate those memories sometimes.

  1. What kind of gifts do you like?

Just like adults, kids love being showered with gifts. It makes them feel loved and valued, little wonder kids tend to love the one who gives them gifts the most. Asking what presents they love the most will give you an insight into what they would be excited to have as gifts. You will also use this to know what kinds of toys interest them.

Also, you can ask them what gifts they would love to give you if they could afford them. You would be surprised what your kids think you would need or appreciate.

  1. What do you love about your school?

This is an open-ended question that encourages your kid to speak to you about their school. Their answer gives you a picture of their feeling towards their school. You can go on to ask them what they love about their teachers, the various subjects in school and their classmates.

More so, your kid’s answer to this question will help you know whether they love, dislike, or are indifferent about their school. You can also ask them what they would love to change about their school. This is a subtle way of knowing what they don’t like about their school.

  1. What have you and your friends been up to recently?

Friendships are great, and it is not enough for you to know your kids’ friends. You may probe further about what they have been up to lately. Your child’s self-esteem and sense of belonging are affected by friendships. Getting to know what they and their friends have been up to recently helps you be on guard. Asking this question will also help you figure out how well your kid is getting along with friends and other people.

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