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Android is of course the most used operating system in Smartphones other than iOS for iPhones. In Android, you can download all the apps and games you want from Google Play Store easily. But many apps over there are paid or need some kind of subscription, so here is some unofficial App Store for Android from where you can download every app for free with many modded versions.

AC Market is one of the best alternatives for Google Play Store as it offers a huge number of apps and games for absolutely free. You can get movie apps like BeeTV, Livenet TV, etc. It is a great market app with a well-designed interface and simplicity. In this article, we’ll check out the best AC Market alternatives for Android. Although, AC Market is the superior market app with far more features and the largest app collection behind Google Play Store, in some cases if you still want to check out similar apps then we got you covered. AC Market is a great app but still, it has its cons. Here are some of the apps which are similar to AC Market or even better in some aspects that you can try. We still say, in overall regards, AC Market is the best Play Store alternative.


This is a great app and provides direct downloads for a lot of Android apps that are not available on the Play Store. You can even download AC Market from Androinica, ironic isn’t it. It has a huge collection of Apps in all categories and a lot of amazing games with modded versions. It provides free access to premium apps and services. You can download it from any part of the world as it has no country restrictions. It has a great interface and it is continuously being updated by its developers.

GetAPK Market

Another great alternative marketplace for Android. This app, GetAPK Market allows you to download millions of Android apps in just one click. It has a straight forward interface and easy to navigate menus. The apps in the marketplace are arranged in categories which will help you in exploring the new app. You can download this app by clicking on the link in the paragraph. GetAPK provides a good collection of modded apps too.


If you download a lot of apps in APK format then you should have already heard of APKPure. It is another great alternative to AC Market and Google Play Store. APKPure has its own Android app or you can visit their website and search for the app you want. They have a huge library of Android apps that can be downloaded for absolutely free of cost. Getting this app on your Android smartphone means you can now enjoy free and simple access to thousands of APKs for Android.


The name of this app itself describes it as an Android market app. You can download GetAndroidStuff from their official website and install it easily. It is another great option if you do not enjoy AC Market for some reason. Just like other alternatives it has a great library of Android apps. It definitely does not have the greatest library but you’ll find all the best and popular apps easily. It also provides access to paid and modded apps and games for free if you are looking for those.


APKPot store a large collection of APKs which can be downloaded directly and installed on your Android smartphone. It is one of the independent Android application which provides various amazing services for free. It is the one we would suggest if you want to have the same kind of interface as the AC Market. APKPot is great but it does not have the best collection of Android apps. Although the most common ones and popular apps are still available, you might have to look elsewhere for many apps.


This is the last option in this list of AC Market alternatives and it is a good one. This app is an interesting one as it has one of the greatest libraries of Android apps, it lacks the basic interface to support it. AppsZoom is larger in size and has a bulky/laggy interface which is a shame as it has a great collection of Android apps. This Android market app can be downloaded from its official website or you can even search it on AC Market and download it from there. Another interesting thing about this app is it provides reviews of the app you are about to download so you can know if the app is good or not.


If you compare all the aspects of an Android Market app, we say AC Market is the best. But for some reason, if you don’t like it or your smartphone is having problems with AC Market then you should definitely check these AC Market alternatives out. We have tried these apps ourselves and gave an honest overview, but you can always decide which one you like the most. If you have another option in mind then feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.

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