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It’s quite true that the digital World has changed the way businesses are run, and a lot of people have actually benefited from it.

A lot of people have successful offline careers, and they don’t feel the need of moving out to social media platforms, and they have limited their business to just offline sources. But, on the other hand, many of the business owners have expanded their work, with the help of social media sites, and they have reached great heights.

Social media marketing is an important tool, and if it’s used properly, then a lot of time can be saved, and even it will prove to be a lot cheaper than other forms of marketing.

Here’s how you can fuse your offline career and Instagram.

  • You can create a business profile, and with the help of all the online tools and you can create a logo of your firm, and even some templates that can be shared over Instagram. It’s possible that you may have templates in the offline mode, but then, very easily you can bring them online and start the chain.


  • It’s possible to create your own hashtag, and that particular hashtag may be related to the type of work you do, even the industry in which you are working, or it may even be the name of your company.


A hashtag is very beneficial in the long run, as all the photos and videos which you post, will get accumulated at a single place, and once you create a fan base, it will be very easy for them, to check all the posts.

Now the question which arises, is that how can you create a fan base?

For that, it’s important you collect a lot of Instagram likes over the content which you keep posting over your wall, for a long period of time. Sometimes, you’d have to focus over the quantity, but for the most part, it will be important that you are posting quality work, and not just spammy, cliché stuff.


  • A huge number of likes, will also give you confidence and it will encourage you to post more content. And apart from that, you will also get encouragement from your fan base, and within seconds, your content can reach out to millions of people, all across the globe. Likes are the essential measure of your popularity on Instagram, the more you got, the more popular and famous you become. Many use websites and apps of digital marketing teams to buy Instagram likes from in order to stand out from millions of others. Instagram has some moderating algorithms to penalty the suspected, but you don’t lose too much with that penalties if boosting your account – right now it is up to you to do that or not.


  • If people start using your services, and if you see a hike in your customers as well as the total revenue of the firm, then it’s likely that you will be considered as one of the most trusted brands sitting out there, and there will be a huge overflow of customers and when all of them will share their reviews with other organic followers and customers, then it will enhance your brand image.

In the long run, you will be famous across most of the countries, your brand will certainly emerge as one of the most trusted names of the industry, and many will buy your products and services.


  • Exposure to other big clients is also very important. And it’s obvious that once you have a lot of followers and once you are successful in gathering the required number of likes, then you will be able to reach out to other influencers and even big brands of your industry.

Business owners sometimes think that they can achieve everything just by themselves, and without any other help. But that’s where most of them go wrong, and that’s where people have to be smart.

You may achieve great results on your own, but sometimes it’s important to collaborate with other people so that you can reach out to the maximum number of followers.

Influencers are the kings of marketing, and once you collaborate with them, they can further assist you in reaching out to masses and boost your sales.


That’s how things work over Instagram. And these are some of the methods, which you can use in order to fuse your offline career with Instagram. One of the greatest inventions of this decade, if used properly and for the right thing, Instagram can bring in a lot of potential customers and clients.

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